Thousands line up for Free Comic Book Day

"Free Comic Book Day is about showing the world that we are the heroes and they're welcome into our secret headquarters."

Albion Riverside Park breaks ground in Lincoln Heights

Construction began Saturday on a new $44 million park in Lincoln Heights near the L.A River.

A cool, wet weekend for SoCal

Cooler weather is pushing out the summer-like heat that's been baking us over the past week.

Vision Zero safety campaign ramps up as traffic deaths rise

The Los Angeles program to end traffic fatalities will hold a series of community events as city leaders debate funding for it in the coming year.

Authorities crank up DUI patrols for Cinco de Mayo weekend

It's always a bad idea to drink and drive but on major holidays law enforcement agencies step up their DUI patrols. This weekend is no different.

​Delta apologizes after California family booted from flight

A video of the April 23 incident was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday and added to the list of recent encounters on airlines that have gone viral, including the dragging of a bloodied passenger off a United Express plane.

Year-round homeless shelter opens in Anaheim

Orange County opened its first year-round shelter and service center for homeless people in Anaheim, part of a push to come to grips with the homeless crisis.

Could the LA Riots happen again?

There were many factors that led up to the unrest in 1992. We look at whether the same signs are around today in 2017.

No-kill animal shelter goal reaffirmed by LA City Council

The council said it would work with the No-Kill Los Angeles coalition, rescue organizations and the public to develop a “comprehensive strategy” to meet its year-end goal.

How Santa Claus found a home along the 101 in Oxnard

The jolly big-bellied figure is 67 years old, and for the past 10 years the statue has been the starting point of the Santa to the Sea race.

Exxon Mobil Refinery explosion final report released

In February 2015, a refinery in Torrance exploded and nearly loosed a cloud of deadly chemicals onto nearby homes. Now we finally know why.

A new wrinkle in LA's pension woes

More city workers are retiring, people are living longer, and now there's word the pension investment funds will yield a lower rate of return in the coming years.

State: California Confederate flag ban excludes individuals

The state ban on displaying the Confederate flag doesn't apply to private individuals, state officials said in settling a free speech lawsuit.

​Sheriff's deputy wounded in accidental discharge of gun

The gun went off as the deputy was re-holstering it during an exercise. The deputy was treated at the scene for a gunshot wound to a lower extremity, officials said.

Big rigs, big risks: Truck traffic rising — along with crashes

Last week's crash on the I-5 freeway brought home the high toll of big rig collisions in road damage, traffic delays and human life on Southern California's roadways.

Quiz: Do you know how to drive safely around large trucks?

It’s frequently the actions of the car driver, not the truck, that cause the most serious collisions. Test your knowledge about driving around big trucks.