No permits, but some unauthorized California immigrants work legally

Despite a Supreme Court ruling freezing President Obama's plan to grant work permits to certain unauthorized immigrants, some find they can work within the law.

Cheerfully gruesome Metro safety campaign goes viral

L.A. Metro's videos feature stick figures that get decapitated, dismembered and maimed by passing trains, all accompanied by cheerful narration for the purpose of promoting safety.

Muslims tout Ramadan charity work to combat Islamophobia

SoCal Muslim groups always do charity work during the holy month of Ramadan. This year they called attention to it as a way to combat negative stereotypes.

In LA's immigrant enclaves, July 4 takes on different forms, flavors - and meanings

Snapshots of celebrations in South Gate and Monterey Park, among the many local places that immigrants and their children call home.

Former LA County police dog euthanized after attacking man

A 20-year-old man in Eastvale had offered the dog a bowl of water before being attacked.

Girl, 9, loses hand in suspected fireworks blast

The girl had her left hand amputated after an explosion in Compton authorities say was likely caused by illegal fireworks.

After Ramadan, demand for dates outpaces supply

Many Muslims break the fast during Ramadan with dates. But months after the harvest season, most date growers are out of supply at this point.

Evacuations Lifted after Deer Fire in Kern County burns 1,785 acres

Residents in the Kern County countryside are back home after two days of evacuations. The Deer Fire has burned nearly 1,800 acres and is 60 percent contained.

Long Beach bets big on separated bike lanes

For one day only, city officials converted an existing parking lane into a pop-up bike lane and moved the parking lane into the travel lane. How'd it go over?

Small plane crashes in high desert north of Los Angeles

The Cessna went down Sunday at the Brian Ranch Airport in the unincorporated community of Llano.

Man believed to be oldest Pullman porter dies at 106

Lee Wesley Gibson began work as a coach attendant with Union Pacific Railroad during the Great Depression.

Portable sleeping pods help you go gentle into that good nap

Tired of stealing away during work hours to sleep in your car? With Nappify, the nap comes to you.

What happened to the couple who died in the Erskine Fire?

Byron McKaig, called his pastor as smoke was filling his home. He and his wife later collapsed in an embrace near a fence in their yard.

Flood advisory issued for San Bernardino County

A flood advisory was issued Friday afternoon for San Bernardino County by the National Weather Service, in effect until 4:30 p.m.

Fourth of July: How to keep your holiday 'safe and sane'

Three cheers for the red, white and blue — it's almost Fourth of July weekend! Here's what to know about fireworks and traveling for the long weekend.

St. Thomas More's bone, half a tooth come to Los Angeles

If you saw "Wolf Hall," you might be surprised to learn Sir Thomas More is coming to L.A. Well, at least a piece of one of his bones and half a tooth, at the cathedral Friday and Saturday.