Black Lives Matter rallies spread out around SoCal

Rallies, vigils, protests and art shows responding to the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile as well as the Dallas police killings are taking place all over Southern California.

The diversity of UCLA's incoming freshman class

UCLA says it has admitted its most diverse class of incoming students ever after a record year of applicants. It also offered admission to 11 percent more California students than last year.

Hollywood traffic buildup expected amid trio of events

A trio of high-volume events in and around Hollywood this weekend has officials expecting traffic to be more clustered than usual. Here are the spots to avoid.

Alhambra keeps going boom and no one knows why

Loud noises echoing through northeast Alhambra have been baffling, bothering and bewildering residents for months — and no one seems to know where they're coming from.

Metro launches bike share program in downtown LA

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority aims to expand the use of bike sharing to low-income transit riders.

CA drivers testing per-mile charges vs. gas taxes for road repairs

We're participating in Caltrans' pilot program to see if charging drivers per-mile versus gas taxes would generate enough revenues for needed road repairs.

5 dogs killed, 5 people injured in Palmdale brush fire

The people who were injured were attempting to extinguish the fire and save dogs from the rescue facility, Fire Capt. Keith Mora told KPCC.

Research shows bike sharers have lower rates of injury than other cyclists

Last week saw the first fatality of a bike-share rider in the U.S. The news comes as Los Angeles gets ready for its new bike-share system downtown.

Union Station bus plaza closed for the next 3 months

It's being closed down in order to restore it, forcing buses to be rerouted. Find out where the temporary bus bays are, and what's next for the plaza.

Attracting low-income riders to LA Metro bike sharing

While most transit users in Los Angeles are low-income, they make up a small percentage of bike-share users nationwide.

How can street racing in LA be curbed?

An investigation into street racing ended in death on Sunday when CHP officers shot and killed a 19-year-old driver in Fullerton.

Pine Fire now 15 percent contained; 1,814 acres burned

A wildfire burning that broke out last week north of Ojai in the Sespe Wilderness has creeped to more than 1,800 acres, though there are no mandatory evacuations.

No permits, but some unauthorized California immigrants work legally

Despite a Supreme Court ruling freezing President Obama's plan to grant work permits to certain unauthorized immigrants, some find they can work within the law.

Cheerfully gruesome Metro safety campaign goes viral

L.A. Metro's videos feature stick figures that get decapitated, dismembered and maimed by passing trains, all accompanied by cheerful narration for the purpose of promoting safety.

Muslims tout Ramadan charity work to combat Islamophobia

SoCal Muslim groups always do charity work during the holy month of Ramadan. This year they called attention to it as a way to combat negative stereotypes.

In LA's immigrant enclaves, July 4 takes on different forms, flavors - and meanings

Snapshots of celebrations in South Gate and Monterey Park, among the many local places that immigrants and their children call home.