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Suit says Pasadena principal threatened to call ICE


A parent and a guardian of Pasadena school students sued school district officials, alleging an ex-school principal threatened to report them to immigration.

Prosecutors-Gun Viloence Fight

​LA wants in on suit over Trump sanctuary conditions

Los Angeles City Attorney Michael Feuer said in a court filing Tuesday that the conditions imposed on the public safety grant program run by the Department of Justice are unconstitutional.

Amber Alert issued for 9-year-old boy from Santa Maria

Daniel Morozov was abducted Monday around 8:30 p.m., according to information from the Santa Maria Police Department. Police officers say the boy's father is a suspect.

​Buddy the blind sea lion to debut at LA Zoo

The zoo said Monday the approximately 10-year-old sea lion is adapting well to his habitat at the Sea Life Cliffs exhibit since arriving in late May.

Photos of the moon’s shining moment in SoCal

These snapshots left us starry-eyed.

Applications for CA immigrant driver's licenses declining

As of this July, about 915,000 unauthorized immigrants had obtained California driver's licenses after they became available to them in January 2015. Application numbers have gradually been dropping off.

Anti-immigration group dwarfed by counter-protesters at Laguna Beach rally

A small group of people demonstrating against illegal immigration were outnumbered on Sunday by hundreds of counter-protesters.

Hundreds rally against racism in Laguna Beach and Venice

Hundreds of people have rallied at Southern California beaches to condemn racism after the deadly events in Charlottesville, Virginia last week.

Santa Ana Cemetery debates future of Confederate monument

The monument, a granite pillar, isn't a vintage piece of history. It was erected in 2004.

A new traffic plan for Dodgers neighborhoods?

A transportation study will look at how residential streets are jammed with cars on game days.

Tips for eclipse parking at Griffith Observatory

Officials are advising visitors to try to arrive without a car, and the park is offering extra DASH bus service from the Metro Red Line station up the hill.

Judge throws out death sentence against OC mass killer

Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals rules that withheld evidence and improper use of a jailhouse informant violated the rights of confessed mass killer Scott Dekraai.

Why are Trader Joe's parking lots so small?

The chain's first store opened in Pasadena 50 years ago in 1967. And while the company's grown, its parking lots have not.

LA man inadvertently buys dozens of fake eclipse glasses

David Tomb purchased 85 pairs of solar eclipse glasses from Amazon, but then got an email from the company warning about the glasses' legitimacy.

Homeowners in LA's hottest zip codes building most equity

As L.A. property values continue to rise, a study finds areas like Venice and Culver City have an above-average share of homeowners building the most equity.

LA set to approve labor rules for homeless housing construction

The city is about to set rules for its 10-year project to build 10,000 units of homeless housing. The rules would guarantee workers the "prevailing wage."