Friday's 5.1 OC earthquake caused $2.6 million in damage

Repair costs for the three cities hardest hit are not enough to qualify automatically for federal disaster assistance, but an expert says they can appeal.

Edison execs sell $18M in stock after San Onofre deal

Two executives exercised lucrative options on Edison International stock four days after striking a deal over costs incurred by closing the San Onofre nuclear plant.

Pasadena to host the North American Tree Climbing Championship

Climbing trees is usually reserved for kids. But this weekend at Brookside Park, professional tree trimmers from the U.S. and Canada will compete in a national climbing competition.

Judge rules against Beverly Hills in subway fight

A judge has ruled that the environmental review process for a planned subway that runs under Beverly Hills High School was thorough, fair and legal.

San Gabriel bans casino tour buses from making pick-ups on city streets

The ordinance, modeled after a similar law in Monterey Park, would restrict the companies to making pickups in private parking lots, and subjecting violators to fines.

LA adult bike riding classes show it's never too late to learn

Did you know one in nine adults don't know know how to ride a bike? If you're one of those nine, “Learn To Ride For Adults” could be the answer for you.

Earthquake insurance: Expensive but worth the cost?

The recent earthquakes that shook Southern California also rattled the nerves of some homeowners. Should you buy earthquake insurance? AirTalk debates.

LA Heat exhibition celebrates Angelenos' love of hot sauce

Hot sauces are getting a tribute at downtown's Chinese American Museum in the exhibit, "LA Heat," now on display until July 12th.

Group using cannabis to treat seizures to relocate

The Realm of Caring California, a nonprofit that uses cannabis oil to treat children's seizures, says it will relocate after being ordered to shut down by the city attorney's office.

Huell Howser: 'California's Gold' host had a clear vision for show

Michael Garber edited Huell's shows from 2004 until his last episode and says that despite the raw quality, Huell had a very clear vision for his TV work.

Is fracking connected to the recent earthquakes in SoCal?

We've had our share of earthquakes recently, which has led some residents to question the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — and possible connections to seismic activity.

Monterey Park to elderly shoppers: Please don’t take carts home

Worried about blight, the city is expected to approve new rules on shopping carts like requiring signage about unauthorized removal in Chinese, Spanish and English.

PG&E criminally charged in fatal pipeline blast

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. was charged with federal felony counts involving safety violations linked to a deadly 2010 natural gas pipeline explosion.

LA County says foster care lawyers overwhelmed

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Tuesday joined a chorus of public officials calling for investment in California's child welfare court system.

More rain due Tuesday, with new threats to LA County burn areas

The National Weather Service says there's a slight chance of lingering showers through the day, but the precipitation threat will increase Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Immigrant groups want a moratorium on car impounds

As California prepares to offer driver’s licenses to undocumented, immigrant rights groups call for a moratorium on impounding vehicles from unlicensed drivers.