LA County homelessness up 6 percent over last year


Nearly a quarter of homeless individuals were living in their cars. Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority says homelessness for veterans and families dropped due to increased programming.

The Styled Side: make perfume for Mother's Day

"We're talking custom scents, perfume classes and unique small brands that feel anything but generic," says Michelle Dalton Tyree of Fashion Trends Daily.

A Starbucks in Santa Monica, Calif. With no other place to go, many of Los Angeles' homeless end up at the chain's outlets — to the consternation of some employees.

How Starbucks got tangled up in LA's homelessness crisis

There are 44,000 people living on the streets in and around Los Angeles. With no other place to go, many end up at a Starbucks — to the consternation of some employees.

Parking problems around Azusa's Gold Line stations leading to restrictions

Citations have been issued to those parking around the recently opened Gold Line stations in Azusa, raising the question: what about the Expo Line?

How to avoid crowds at LAX when traveling internationally this summer

The airport is expected to serve around 40,000 international passengers a day this summer — a record number. Here's what officials recommend you do to avoid the crowds.

Sorry, McMansion fans. You can't have it your way

Complaints about outsized homes have been growing so the city may scale back or eliminate provisions that can lead to outsize homes.

CSU teachers OK tentative pact with 10.5 percent raise

The three-year deal must still be approved by the CSU's Board of Trustees, which is expected to take the issue up during its May 24-25 meeting.

Millennial Matters: A Take Two special on Generation Y

Entitled, lazy, tech-obsessed: just some of the labels attached to Millennials. In a Take Two special, host A Martinez busts the myths with those who are living the Gen Y life.

Why millennials are speaking up for social justice

Why is Gen Y one of the most active generations in half-a-century?

Seismic retrofit orders to start reaching mailboxes

Owners of buildings with 16 or more dwelling units that are at least three stories tall will soon start to receive notices to complete a seismic retrofit.

Divided by deportation: Immigration and Generation Y

Ten years ago Carol Romo's parents were deported after living in the U.S. for over 20 years. At just 16 she had to decide--should she follow her family or stay behind?

How millennials cope with their generation's unique pressures

Generation Y is faced with pressures unique to the times. How do they cope? Three Millennials from different backgrounds discuss.

After 50 years, Coast Guard helicopters must leave LAX

Soon Coast Guard Air Station Los Angeles will be no more. The helicopters, mechanics and air crewmembers are relocating to Point Mugu in Ventura County.

#SeekingShade: Twitter users react to LA's missing bus shelters

A KPCC investigation found LA's plan to install bus shelters has fallen apart, leaving bus riders finding alternative ways of seeking shade. Tell us yours!

Wildfires cause dip in new California housing units

But state officials said Monday that Los Angeles, California's largest city, saw the most growth in housing, with 12,224 new units.

LA city bus shelters going unbuilt as city seeks to renegotiate contract

A KPCC probe found the city's bus shelter program has collapsed, with hundreds of structures unbuilt and millions in projected revenues yet to be realized.