UCLA flood: Pauley Pavilion floor to be completely replaced (updated)

Athletic director Dan Guerrero made the announcement Friday. Meanwhile, repairs continue, and the first drivers have been reunited with their vehicles.

California wildfires: Yosemite wildfire weakened, evacuations to end

A day of big firefighting gains against a wildfire in Yosemite National Park means the last evacuations will soon end and threats to a rare grove of giant sequoias will shrink further.

UCLA flood: Why the water main wasn't immediately shut down

It took almost 30 hours to get the broken water main in Westwood to stop leaking. But it could have been worse. Here's why.

LA water main breaks: Is drought a factor?

A study conducted in 2009 when drought conditions limited watering lawns to two days a week found water pressure would build and cause jolts to the system.

New audit points out cracks in LA street repair plan

L.A.'s city controller issues an audit that concludes the agency responsible for filling potholes hasn't kept track of the work it does.

UCLA flood: Pipe shut off; 6 injured by carbon monoxide (updated)

The LADWP said the pipe was shut off completely at 9 p.m. Wednesday, and repairs are expected to be finished late Friday or early Saturday.

Boy, 3, dies after climbing into hot car in Sylmar

The boy was playing by himself in the yard of a Sylmar home Wednesday afternoon when he climbed into the family car, was overcome by heat and couldn't get out.

UCLA flood: DWP now says 20M gallons of water lost (updated)

Estimates of how much water was lost in Tuesday's water main break had been revised from 8-10 million gallons to almost 20 million gallons Wednesday.

The mysterious mannequins of North Hollywood Toyota

Collin Friesen looks at the backstory of the mannequins that greet you from a NoHo Toyota dealership, and KPCC's Maya Sugarman takes their portraits.

Water shut off from main that flooded UCLA campus, Sunset Blvd. (updated)

The broken water main near the UCLA campus spewed water 30 feet into the air and sent 8 to 10 million gallons cascading from Sunset.

Griffith Park soccer gets $10.5M makeover (and other green fields in LA)

Officials broke ground Monday on a renovation project at the John Ferraro Athletic Fields complex in Griffith Park. See what's in store, and take a virtual tour of L.A.'s municipal soccer fields.

California tuberculosis patient found, arrested

A California man who was charged after authorities say he refused treatment for his tuberculosis has been found and arrested.

Lightning struck Catalina hours before it hit Venice: Why didn't anyone call?

Los Angeles County lifeguard officials say there isn't a protocol for clearing the beach when lightning storms roll onto the coast like the deadly one that hit Venice Beach Sunday.

4 things to do when lightning strikes at the beach

The weather system that produced Sunday's freak lightning strikes is expected to persist through Wednesday.

Venice lightning strike victim was inbound USC student (updated)

Nick Fagnano, 20, was a Santa Barbara City College student who had recently been accepted at USC, according to a family member.

Report: More riding LA trains than have tickets

Los Angeles transit officials are trying to reconcile figures that show 40 percent more people ride the trains than are counted scanning tickets at stations.