Census: LA County surpassed 10M residents in 2013

New census data confirm that Los Angeles County is now the nation's most populous. The population of the state also grew from 2012 to 2013.

Poll finds majority in California support water bond

The drought is affecting prospects for a bond measure on the November ballot. The poll also finds continuing support for high-speed rail, but a slight dip in approval for legalizing marijuana.

LA immigration activists press Obama to stop deportations

More than 150 immigration activists marched through downtown Los Angeles Wednesday to pressure President Obama to stop the record pace of deportations under his administration.

Wind advisory in effect in SoCal, light showers expected

The National Weather Service is also reporting a 30 to 50 percent chance of rain Wednesday in Los Angeles with temps dropping to 55 at night.

Groups seek answers on San Onofre nuclear waste

A community engagement panel created by Southern California Edison met for the first time Tuesday to address San Onofre waste storage concerns.

Condor released into Big Sur wilderness

Biologists with the Ventana Wildlife Society released the bird into the Big Sur wilderness around 10 a.m. Tuesday. The release was broadcast live.

Judge rules LA controller can audit DWP institutes

Attorneys for the DWP union had argued the non-profit training institutes, which have received more than $40 million in taxpayer funds, were exempt from public scrutiny.

Dodgers top spender, ending Yanks' 15-year streak

The Dodgers are ending the Yankees' 15-year streak as baseball's biggest spenders and as of Tuesday had a projected payroll of $235 million.

Occupational therapist John Hwang hangs with the homeless (photos)

John Hwang works as an occupational therapist by day, but visits homeless on Skid Row at night. He spends time with them and shares their stories on Facebook.

Los Angeles drops appeal in homeless property suit

The decision by City Attorney Mike Feuer ends a long-running legal battle between the city and activists for the homeless over storage of homeless people's personal effects, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Viewed by itself, Pacific Islander experience looks very different

The Pacific Islander experience diverges from the Asian-American one when it comes to issues such as education and health

Are new fracking regulations in California enough?

California is instituting what some call the nation's toughest regulations for the oil extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing. But some say they don't go far enough.

Pasadena power outage leaves city in the dark

A "pretty large" power outage left city streets and homes in the dark in Pasadena Monday night.

USC law students behind release of woman convicted of murder

Local law students are behind the early release of Mary Virginia Jones, a 74-year-old woman convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison in 1982.

42k honey spill shuts 605; what's your worst pun?

Upon hearing the news of the sticky situation, folks on Twitter let the jokes spill. What's your worst honey pun?

3 lanes open after honey spill shuts 605

Drivers on the northbound 605 freeway found themselves stuck after an overturned big rig spilled 42,000 lbs of honey and diesel onto the asphalt.