Southern California Heat

Damian Dovarganes/AP

Records fall as winter heat wave hits Southern California

The National Weather Service says temperature records are likely to fall Monday, with highs expected in the lower 90s in some areas of greater Los Angeles.

California Budget

GOP's Rocky Chavez drops out of US Senate race


In a surprising move, Republican Rocky Chavez bowed out from the U.S. Senate race Monday night.


5 things to know about LA's big homelessness fix

After months of studies, bold declarations and public hearings, city and county officials are moving on their homelessness strategies. Here's what you need to know.

Divers find 2 bodies, wreckage of small plane off SoCal coast

Two bodies and the wreckage of a small plane were found Sunday by divers searching in the water for evidence following a midair collision believed to have killed three.

Brentwood residents sound off about Sunset traffic

Frustrated Westsiders attended a community meeting to discuss gridlock on Sunset Boulevard near the 405, where many complained it can take an hour to drive one mile.

Who would buy the home of the San Bernardino shooters?

The home of the perpetrators of last December's mass shooting in San Bernardino is up for sale, and selling a home with a notorious history will be tough.

Pilot's husband doesn't believe she survived collision

A massive search was launched and some debris from a plane carrying two men was quickly found. But there was no sign of Mary Falstrom or her plane.

Woman killed, child injured in four-vehicle Hollywood crash

Officials say one car rolled over and two other vehicles may have been parked at the time of crash.

Drivers beware: Famous LA bridge has begun coming down

Giant jackhammers reduced 220 feet of the 6th Street Bridge roadway to rubble by Saturday morning and were working on bringing down three massive support columns.

Update: Coast Guard suspends search for downed planes

The Coast Guard said Friday night that two men ages 61 and 81 were aboard one plane and a 72-year-old woman was aboard the other plane.

Records of ex-councilman recovered by his successor

Some 35 file boxes from former Councilman Tom LaBonge's office were recovered before they were shredded. The documents included land use and campaign finance records.

Fuel up! California's pricier summer gas is on the way

Gas prices are still decreasing in SoCal. But unfortunately, that won't last for long. It's that time when refiners shut down and prepare to make 'gluten free' gas.

2 aircraft collide near shore of San Pedro beach

Both the Coast Guard and the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the crash was the result of a mid-air collision between two aircrafts.

The slow pace of building California's high-speed rail

The LA-to San Francisco bullet train was scheduled to be ready in 2022. We'll talk about why that date may have been a bit optimistic.

LA mayor performs slow jam PSA about 101 Freeway closure

This weekend, 2.5 miles of the 101 Freeway will be closed in what authorities are calling the "Slow Jam." On Thursday, the mayor released a slow jam of his own to raise awareness.

No one submits verified claim for $63 million lotto jackpot

Officials have some claims to investigate, but if none of them pan out, it will be the largest unclaimed prize in California Lottery history, and the money will go to the state's schools.