Mountain lion killed in Santa Monica Mountains

The kitten, struck by a car on Monday, is not believed to have been one that was being tracked, based on its size and because it was not marked in any way.

Seeing none, Korean-American community works to recruit foster parents

A shortage of Korean-speaking foster parents spurs a partnership between the county's Department of Family and Child Services and Korean organizations.

Earthquakes: Several concrete buildings in LA at risk of collapse

Researchers at UC Berkeley Tuesday presented the city of L.A. with a list of older concrete buildings that could be at risk of collapse during a major earthquake.

State of the State: Calif. comes back but challenged by drought

Read an interactive version of Gov. Jerry Brown's State of the State address, with notes and context from KQED, Capital Public Radio, and KPCC.

Huntington Beach rejects ban on Styrofoam food containers

The city council voted 4-3 Tuesday to reject an ordinance that would have prohibited food vendors, including restaurants from using polystyrene containers.

'Serious' use of force incidents drop in LA County jails

"Serious" use of force incidents dropped in LA County jails in 2013. But the overall use of force rose, especially at Twin Towers Correctional Facility, which houses L.A.'s mentally ill inmates.

City receives list of buildings possibly at risk in a quake

The list does not specifically identify buildings at risk but rather the types of buildings that could be vulnerable.

LA County Board of Supervisors discuss interim sheriff

The supervisors met out of the public eye in closed session. They have scheduled another meeting for Thursday to again discuss an interim sheriff.

LA County Probation Dept sees decline in employee arrests

Figures released Tuesday show a decline in the number of employees arrested. The employees union president downplayed the statistics, saying they go up and down all the time.

Dry weather expected through January

Temperatures are expected to cool down Wednesday and Thursday, but they will still be unusually warm for this time of year, according to the National Weather Service.

Colby Fire: Feds charge 3 men with felony fire-setting

A court affidavit says the men told police the fire that got out of control was the second they started during their overnight stay in the forest.

Huntington Beach City Council considers ban on Styrofoam takeout food containers

The Huntington Beach City Council Tuesday is considering an ordinance that would ban expanded polystyrene take-out food containers.

LA-area 'boot camp' operator sentenced for abuse

Authorities say McFarland, who called himself "1st Sgt. Mac," ran a camp in Pasadena and Altadena that supposedly used military-style discipline.

Governor's race: TARP's Neel Kashkari wants to lead Calif.

He’s been called the “bailout czar” and the “$700 billion man.” Now, Neel Kashkari is running for governor of California as a different kind of Republican.

East Coast storms prompt flight cancellations at LAX

Dozens of flights into and out of LAX have been cancelled due to winter weather on the East Coast and travelers were warned to expect even more delays as the storm progresses.

LA artist brings immigrant labor into focus

The son of Mexican immigrants knows his subject and tries to throw a spotlight on the "invisible" men and women who make many an affluent L.A. household hum.