121-year-old Peabody Werden house moved across the street

The East Los Angeles Community Corporation plans to develop the land that the house sat on to bring affordable housing to the area.

On LA's Skid Row, homeless women seek shelter from the streets

There are now 47,000 homeless people in and around Los Angeles. The number of homeless women living on the streets has increased dramatically, and many are at risk of violence and sexual assault.

Trailhead Fire grows in NorCal; threatens thousands of structures

The cause of the Trailhead Fire is still under investigation, but no injuries have been reported, according to the Forest Service.

Erskine Fire: Containment steady, crews shift to 'recovery'

In total, 285 single residences were destroyed and another 12 were damaged since the fire began June 23.

Erskine Fire 70 percent contained

Authorities estimate the Lake Isabella fire will be fully contained by July 5.

How to refill Silver Lake Reservoir in the midst of a drought

Originally, the L.A. Department of Water and Power expected to use drinking water to fill the lake, but the ongoing drought has the agency looking to other sources, like runoff or recycled water.

Bear that attacked camper near Altadena has been killed

Wildlife officials confirmed through DNA and other tests that they had caught the right bear and euthanized it Wednesday afternoon.

LA streetcar project chugs ahead

Los Angeles transportation officials released an environmental review for the planned streetcar system in downtown, though its cost remains a major challenge.

LA votes to put $1.2 billion homeless measure on ballot

The council voted 14-0 to put a measure on the November ballot to provide money for shelters, permanent housing, drug and alcohol treatment and more.

Border Fire: 2 found dead in charred area near San Diego

The unidentified man and woman were found Wednesday near a boulder in Potrero, about 45 miles east of San Diego.

Drinking fountains splash down on LA's Skid Row

As the weather's heating up, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has installed seven temporary public drinking fountains in L.A. County.

Remembering Jim Hangley, owner of Mustangs Only in Culver City

Jim Hangley died in May at the age of 84. His life partner says, "He always worked with Fords, and when the Mustang came out, the lightbulb went on and that was it."

What to expect at LAX after the Istanbul attack

Patrick Gannon, chief of L.A. Airport Police, tells more about how Los Angeles International Airport responds when it comes to attacks at airports around the world.

How Pacific Palisades residents are fighting homelessness

Instead of waiting for city or county funds, residents of Pacific Palisades raised $125,000 themselves to hire outreach workers to get homeless off the streets.

Fireworks: If it's not a stand, chances are it's illegal

Since only state-approved vendors can set up shop, if you purchase fireworks from someplace other than a stand, chances are you're buying something illegal and potentially dangerous.

What is the state of the black family in SoCal?

A new study shines a spotlight on an old question: What role does the family play in determining a child's success?