A moving fish story: Bahooka's Rufus likely going to Damon's

Lynn Garrett of HiddenLA gives us an update on efforts to move Rufus, the ancient pacu, from the old Bahooka to Damon's.

California officials warn of measles exposure

A Berkeley student infected with measles could have exposed thousands of others by attending classes and riding public transit, say health officials.

Immigrant drivers worry about having the right papers to apply for licenses

California is the biggest state to allow immigrants without legal status to apply for driver’s licenses. But regulators still need to write the rules, and some immigrants are concerned the finalized law might not work as intended.

Judge throws out Santa Monica airport lawsuit

A U.S. District judge dismissed the city's attempt to take control of the airport back from the federal government on Thursday.

7 great hiking spots to enjoy this President's Day weekend (map)

Hike to the Hollywood sign and mute out the buzzing sounds of cars, cell phones and LA traffic. Enjoy a glowing scene of LA lights from afar and star gaze with your pals at the Cross in Palm Desert.

LA Metro introduces speed-dating train for Valentine's Day

A little love is coming to public transit when the Red Line hosts speed dating for interested riders on Valentine's Day.

Weekend Traffic: It's Jamzilla!

The 80-hour paving operation is scheduled for this weekend and transportation agencies are asking commuters to stay away from the 405 North in Los Angeles.

Palm Springs Modernism Week: What to do when you get into town

If you're heading out to Palm Springs for Modernism Week, Charles Phoenix has his list of favorite hotspots to see while you're there.

More cancellations at LAX as East Coast storms claim lives

A spokesman for Los Angeles International Airport said 33 arrivals and 11 departures had been canceled since 4:30 a.m.

What California freeway has the most gridlock?

Caltrans figures that, in 2012 alone, vehicles spent a cumulative 6.6 million extra hours in heavy congestion on this freeway — that's 753 years.

Deputies respond to explosion in Palmdale home

Area officers and firefighters are on the scene of a possible explosion that occurred in a makeshift drug lab at a Palmdale home this afternoon.

More fracking jobs approved off California coast

Federal regulators have approved three new fracking jobs off the California coast, more than previously known.

Central Valley farm communities brace for the drought

California's drought woes are getting the attention of lawmakers in Washington with California Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer introducing drought legislation to help the state deal with the drought.

Flights canceled at LAX due to East Coast storms

Nine scheduled arriving flights and 19 scheduled departing flights were canceled this morning, because of stormy weather on the East Coast, airport officials said.

California drought: Highway signs urge water conservation

This week Caltrans launched an education campaign with 700 electronic highway boards displaying the message: "Serious Drought. Help Save Water."

LA abuzz about push for urban beekeeping

The City Council is expected to vote Wednesday on whether to begin the process of granting those bees legal residency in backyards across the city.