Enhancing playground security in LA

A new motion introduced this week would limit access to play areas in city parks to children and their parents or guardians to foster safe spaces.

Warnings of wounded bear that was shot after charging deputy

L.A. sheriff's officials say a deputy and his children were walking up the driveway of a home near La Verne Tuesday night when they saw three bears near some trash bins and one charged.

Storm could bring 2 inches of rain to some SoCal counties

Areas of Southern California could see potentially significant downpours Thursday night and into Friday morning, and residents near burn areas have been advised to guard against possible flooding.

Sups approve plan to support women and girls in LA County

The LA County Board of Supervisors approved a five-year effort that directs all 37 county departments to watch out for the needs of women and girls in the services it provides, as well as women working with or employed by the county.

Angelenos in unpermitted housing under pressure after the Oakland fire

The Oakland warehouse fire earlier this month hasn’t just raised anxiety with fans of the underground music scene, it could also affect Angelenos living in unpermitted housing.

Saving Lytton Savings, a mid-century modern masterpiece

We go to the iconic Lytton Savings building to hear why it shouldn't fall to the wrecking ball for another Frank Gehry project.

3 things to know about the California high-speed rail project

A look at the latest developments in the ongoing saga that is the California High Speed Rail Authority project. It took a big step forward in financing on Tuesday.

A 'green street' in Watts after $4 million water settlement

Environmental advocates struck a deal with the county over high levels of pollution in stormwater found in the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers.

City Council hopes to postpone eviction of LA seniors

Last week, 150 senior citizens were evicted from their retirement community. On Tuesday, the L.A. City Council voted to review the situation.

SoCal students seek to testify in affirmative action case

Two students and Advancing Justice LA support Harvard University in an affirmative action lawsuit that highlights a divide in the Asian community.

LA's plan of attack on unsafe housing

Following the deadly fire in Oakland, L.A.'s city attorney met with police and fire officials and the city's Building and Safety Department to find better ways to safeguard the city's buildings.

LA Galaxy promotes Curt Onalfo to head coach of MLS team

The Los Angeles Galaxy has promoted Curt Onalfo to head coach after he led their team in the United Soccer League for three seasons.

LA's 'hydra' of underground spaces braces for crackdown

LA city officials will discuss ways to rein in unpermitted and abandoned buildings, where artists and musicians sometimes live and perform.

Street vendor plan pushes ahead

A plan to regulate street vendors and limit their number on each block goes to the City Council for approval in concept. A final vote isn't expected until spring.

Rams fire coach Jeff Fisher following 42-14 loss

The team's coach since 2012, Fisher compiled a 31-45-1 record with the Rams and oversaw the move from St. Louis to Los Angeles this past offseason.

LA homeless advocate loses leg, returns to work on Skid Row

Rev. Andy Bales, CEO of Union Rescue Mission, may have lost his leg due to bacteria on the very streets he serves but that's not stopping him.