North Park Elementary reopens a week after shooting

North Park has been closed since April 10, when a man walked into his estranged wife's classroom and opened fire, killing her and an 8-year-old student. He then fatally shot himself.

​Sliding home: Jackie Robinson gets statue at Dodger Stadium

The 77-inch tall bronze statue depicts Robinson as a rookie in 1947 stealing home, a nod to his aggressive baserunning. It stands in the left field reserve plaza, with sweeping views of downtown Los Angeles in one direction and Elysian Park in the other.

Orange County winter homeless shelters to close this weekend

Orange County’s two winter emergency shelters close on April 15. That means tough choices for people who have relied on them for a roof and a meal.

Off-Ramp Recommends: For Easter, get off your keister!

SoCal has lots of options for the holiday weekend, whether you want to spend it in a sandy pew, paying it forward, or petting rabbits.

An update to the fight against homelessness in LA and Orange counties

After years of watching the problem get worse and debating solutions, L.A. and Orange counties are getting serious about trying to resolve issues of homelessness.

5 people injured, cat killed in blaze at hillside LA home

Five people were injured — at least one of them critically — when flames ripped through a home in the Pacific Palisades area. The cause is under investigation.

Motorcycle rider beheaded in San Bernardino freak accident

Authorities say 27-year-old Fabian Zepeda was killed Tuesday morning when he drove into a wire stretched across a road from a snapped utility pole.

Some show kids school is safe after San Bernardino shooting

Cedric Anderson, a Navy veteran, walked into the special-education classroom of his wife Karen Smith, opening fire on her and striking two students in the process.

Veteran hiker identified as man who died on Mount Baldy

Seuk "Sam" Kim of Culver City had hiked to the top of the 10,000-foot peak more than 700 times before he went missing last Friday. His car was found near a trailhead on Sunday.

Deputies shoot suspect who ran, grabbed gun in South LA

Sheriff's Lt. Joe Mendoza says the deputies made contact with a man they spotted sitting in a parked car in a South LA alley shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday.

LA County supervisors weigh immigrant legal aid

Under the proposal, the county would contribute up to $3 million to a fund that would combine money from the city of Los Angeles and philanthropic groups to create a $10 million resource for immigrants' legal defense. Immigrants convicted of violent felonies would be excluded from help.

Jets zip through narrow Star Wars Canyon, drawing visitors

Silence and stillness settled over the deep, sunbaked gorge as a pair of photographers sat on a cliff, waiting.

Investigation prompts closure of 10 Freeway in El Monte

A police investigation related to a possible homicide has closed all eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 in El Monte. Lanes are expected to reopen around 11 a.m.

San Bernardino school shooting: What can parents tell kids?

Sharon Lee, a parent educator and former kindergarten teacher, advises parents to remember to take care of themselves when preparing to talk to their children after this kind of incident. Dialogue addressing your child's fears should become routine, she says.

Can't we just build homes, Orange County?

A tour of several housing developments in Orange County reveals why it's so hard to keep up with demand for new housing in the face of local opposition.

#ThankYouBob: LA Kings announcer retires after 44 years

For 44 years, Miller was the voice of Los Angeles Hockey, calling his first game against the Chicago Blackhawks in 1973.