Foster the People performs stripped down version of new single

LA-based band Foster the People is back with its sophomore album "Supermodel." The band performs live in studio with Q Radio.

'Mistaken for Strangers': The National get a documentary

"Mistaken for Strangers," a new documentary about the indie band The National, goes deeper than just a band profile. It's about how fame and fortune have impacted the relationship between two brothers.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Shakira, Malawi Mouse Boys, Juanes and The Baseball Project

Shakira, mouse-eating musicians, Juanes and an album all about baseball. It's time for Tuesday Reviewsday with Steve Hochman and Justino Aguila.

How will songwriters fare in a world of Spotify and Pandora?

Songwriters are a crucial part of L.A.'s music industry, but as the consumer appetite for online streaming grows, will they still be able to make a living?

San Diego Opera closing a dismal sign for the city

"They didn’t just come to enjoy the great music. They came to share love."

LA competitor from 'The Voice' goes to SXSW

LA native Jessica Childress didn't make it very far in the television competition "The Voice" but she headed to SXSW for a career boost.

Brokechella announces 2014 lineup

In its fourth year, you can attend this affordable concert party in downtown L.A. for just $10. Just don't expect the big names of Coachella.

'This Is What I Do': Boy George releases first album in 18 years

Boy George spoke with A Martinez about the new album, overcoming his drug addiction and introducing a new sound to his already established audience.

Pacifica Quartet in offbeat venue does Shostakovich proud

After a Clark Library performance, Marc Haefele writes, "I’ll die happy if I ever get to hear the rest of Shostakovich’s chamber music played like this."

Local singer tours with her kids in tow

It's a family affair for Los Feliz-based singer Eleni Mandell, who tours across the U.S. with her three-year-old twin children in tow.

Police: Tyler, The Creator arrested for inciting riot at SXSW

L.A.'s Tyler, The Creator, has been arrested for allegedly inciting a riot during the South By Southwest. Police say the Odd Future rapper was arrested Saturday.

SXSW: A conversation with French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux

Back now to Austin, where we're going to get some more music from South by Southwest. You might recognize French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux's song "1977," which was featured in the AMC series "Breaking Bad."

Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman on the music of 'Harmony'

Take Two recently had the chance to talk with them about their latest collaboration, a musical titled "Harmony" on now at the Ahmanson Theatre.

SXSW: LA songstress Jessica Childress looks for her next big break

LA artist Jessica Childress is investing a lot to rock it at SXSW, but she has to compete with thousands of other bands who will be trying to do the same.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Little Dragon, Moonchild, Dan Croll and more

It's Tuesday, which means that it's time for Tuesday Reviewsday, our weekly new music segment. This week we're joined by music supervisor Morgan Rhodes.

Revolutionary opera director Gerard Mortier dies at 70

Gerard Mortier, a Belgian opera director whose nonconformist style often grated the tradition-bound elite and who became a fiercely avant-garde impresario, has died.