UC Riverside hosts piping and drumming competition

Musicians from across the western U.S. are gathering in Riverside this weekend for the third annual Harry Moore Memorial Solo Piping and Drumming Competition.

El DeBarge will not be charged, 'insufficient evidence' in drug arrest

"Rhythm of the Night" singer El DeBarge will not face drug charges due to "insufficient evidence," said a spokeswoman district attorney's office.

Whitney Houston cause of death: drowning, heart disease, cocaine

Whitney Houston drowned, says the L.A. County Coroner, citing the sad accident as the singer's official cause of death. Associated causes: heart disease and cocaine.

Album of the week: Four Kings of Country Music

George Jones, Roger Miller, Buck Owens, and Jimmy Dean all achieved great fame. This record shows them near the beginning of their respective careers.

Album of the week: 'I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus'

This is a comedy album, but it's a sad occasion by which I choose it. Peter Bergman was a sometime colleague of mine, a man whom I felt privileged to have known.

UC Riverside Pipe and Drum Band marches on

The musicians of the UC Riverside Pipe Band will be ringing in St. Patrick’s Day this weekend.

'Murder in the Front Row' documents '80s thrash metal

Metallica's bruising heyday is now chronicled in the book “Murder in the Front Row,” a collection of photographs that captures the mayhem onstage and off.

The Negro Problem's new album, "Making It" - a "Rumors" for 2012

Mark Stewart & Heidi Rodewald of The Negro Problem starred in the hit musical "Passing Strange" ... while they were breaking up as a couple. Awkward! It's chronicled on their new album, "Making It."

Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossach dies at 65

The Doobie Brothers' longtime drummer has died. Michael Hossack, who his bandmates called Big Mike, helped the group crank out some of its greatest hits.

The Pogues' James Fearnley on Shane MacGowan

When the Pogues met in a hotel room in 1991, they knew they had to fire unreliable frontman Shane MacGowan, but how would he take it? James Fearnley tells us.

Axl alone is not enough to resurrect Guns N' Roses live

The kickoff show of the not-sold-out "LA Takeover" date only amplified the reality that no one cared about the new songs, and no one cared about the new band.

Take the Plunge: A New Orleans-L.A. jazz summit set for South Pasadena

For those who love the old guard of jazz, New Orleans will always be the source. But few , it seems, make the connection that once upon a time the old guard -- Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, Sidney Bechet and the lot -- was the avant-garde.

GN'R kickoff show at Palladium is not sold out

Welcome to the not-sold-out jungle. Axl Rose's new fangled Guns N' Roses is kicking off three nights of small club dates tonight at the Hollywood Palladium.

Album of the week: Fish Rising by Steve Hillage

As unlikely a guitar hero as you'd ever hope to find, Steve Hillage has a career that spans styles as nimbly as his fingers span his fretboard.

MC5's Kramer goes back behind bars with Jail Guitar Doors USA

Wayne Kramer spent two years in a federal lockup for trying to sell cocaine to undercover agents, and all he can think about these days is finding a way to get back.

Listen to the banned: Honoring oppressed musicians

Saturday marks Music Freedom Day, the annual global event drawing attention to the oppression, censorship and both legal and physical peril faced by musicians around the world.