Peter Stenshoel's album of the week: Pharoah Sanders' Tauhid

A personal aside: When, as kids, we played table tennis with our dad in the rec room, this was our favorite background music.

Paula Abdul is the latest judge axed from X Factor

Paula Abdul confirmed her upcoming empty seat on The X Factor citing "business decisions" for the departure. Paula took to Twitter to tell the tale.

New Music Tuesday: Rodrigo y Gabriela and Gotye

On this week's New Music Tuesday, our regular music critic Drew Tewksbury tours the globe and talks about the newest albums from Rodrigo y Gabriela and Gotye.

Correatown -- Pleiades -- Album Review

It's a far stretch from the slo-folk murder ballads of yore, but Correa's latest venture into the wide world of raised production values is thankfully more like a fresh breeze through an open window than a wall of smog (through an open window in the Valley).

Loch & Key: the musical couple dish about LA, a town of dreamers with no curfew

Hoffman and Akdogan sat down with us at the downtown bar where she bartends (and suggests wines) to hash through the old and dish on the new.

Interview with Angela Correa of Correatown

California native Angela Correa talks to KPCC about how she and her music have changed since migrating from the "weed plants and peach crop" of Yuba City.

Etta James' open memorial service held at Inglewood Cemetery

Etta James’s fans lined Manchester Boulevard Friday for a public viewing of the late blues singer at Inglewood Park Cemetery.

LA fact finding frenzy follows discovery of Ice Cube's exact 'Good Day'

There is officially no mystery left in the universe. This week, the rap riddle of Ice Cube's 1993 LA-centric anthem "It Was a Good Day," was finally solved.

Tupac FourSquare map created by English hip-hop fan

For a walk on the wild side, follow the rapper's footsteps as he zig-zags from his pre-fame days in Baltimore to Las Vegas where he was killed.

Album of the week: Brian Eno's Music for Airports

Its 1978 release stands as a major landmark in the nascent "ambient" genre. Persons with wildly disparate aural tastes love this album.

Peter's Album of the week: Beethoven's Middle Quartets

For this week's album of the week, KPCC's Peter Stenshoel reviews Beethoven: The Middle Quartets by The Budapest String Quartet.

Supreme Court upholds copyrights on older foreign works

The U.S. Supreme Court has handed down a ruling on copyright protection, but don't go looking to it for answers on online piracy.

Huge NAMM music convention comes to Anaheim

Thousands of musicians, fans and music-related businesses are expected to show up.

Public Enemy hosts 5-hour Skid Row block party

Chuck D and Flavor Flav emceed an event on Skid Row Sunday, but don't call it a concert.

$23,810 for 4 Coachella tickets?

Coachella 2012 sold out of remaining passes in three hours on Friday, setting off a frenzy of fiscally outrageous secondary options.

Coachella 2012 has completely sold out... of tickets

Coachella 2012 has sold out of tickets for both weekends.