Have you recently bought or vacated a foreclosed house?

Basic Gov/Flickr

Over the last several years houses have gone from the emblem of the American Dream to the emblem of the American recession. We're teaming up with Marketplace to tell this story.

The project puts a house - a foreclosed house - at the center of the story. It's the main character. But how that character will appear in the story is going to depend on who's doing the telling. Because each person who's had a part of it - the owner(s), the real estate broker, the mortgage lender, the company that owns the mortgage now - has a different understanding of what that house means for them, for the real estate market and for the larger economy. Each person wants something different out of the house, but the only thing they have in common is ... the house.

Now, we just have to find that house.

Have you bought, sold, occupied, lived next to, or had any contact at all with a foreclosed home? If so, share your story, or, well, the house's story, here.