Who is the Latino voter?

David McNew/Getty Images

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama want your vote. Latinos are a decisive voting bloc in key battleground states with the potential to wield immense political power and yet many wrong-headed assumptions continue to influence political attitudes.

If you're a resident of Southern California, you're invited to attend "2012 Election on the Line: The Latino Voter - Assumption vs. Reality" on Thursday, Oct. 4, in Pasadena. KPCC news editor Oscar Garza will lead a panel discussion on the diversity of Latino voters and look at the assumptions, generalizations and realities that inform politicians and voting habits.

Garza will be joined by Roberto Suro, director of USC’s Tomás Rivera Policy Institute; Mariel Garza, opinion editor for the Los Angeles News Group; and Antonio Gonzalez, president of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project.

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