Becoming American: Share your stories

50 Los Angeles-Area Children Sworn In As U.S. Citizens

Independence Day's just around the corner, and this year more than 8,000 Southern California residents will take the Oath of Allegiance just in time for Fourth of July. For the native-born, U.S. citizenship requires no application or forms, no tests or convention-center ceremonies. But for those born outside the United States, citizenship's formalities can be pretty daunting. And the cultural and emotional parts aren't necessarily simpler, even if they a little less formal, sometimes comical, and continually developing.

Please share your stories of becoming an American, whether or not that includes citizenship.

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On Tuesday, June 25, KPCC's A Martinez and guests Bricia Lopez , Rod Arriola and Joanne Griffith for a moderated, interactive conversation at The Crawford Family Forum. We will touch on some lesser-known aspects of the official process but also get into the more everyday questions that shine a light on what it means to "be yourself" and to "become American." Click here to learn more.