Dangerous breed: Dog or man?

Mercer 8359

Dogs are a part of everyday life in Southern California. Travel-size pups are must-have accessories at shopping centers. Parks where Fido can run free are popular spots to meet up with friends. And doggy day cares and spas are practically commonplace. 

Over the course of the last two decades, however, a specific group of dogs has become the center of major controversy. Specific breeds--most notably, Pit bulls, rottweilers and German shepherds--have been labeled "dangerous" by some because of their use in dog fighting rings and roles in attacks on adults and children. 

An Aug. 15 program at the Crawford Family Forum asks the question, Dangerous breed: Dog or man? The event is at capacity, but we invite you to join us via a live stream video here.

If you join us online via our live video stream we also welcome you to join our Twitter chat that day at 6:30 p.m. using the hashtag #DOGorMAN. 

We want to know your insights. Are some breeds more dangerous than others? Would you cross the street to avoid a threatening-looking dog? 

We read every response, and nothing is published or aired without your permission. 

To learn more about the Aug. 15 program, click here.