Which worthy volunteer groups should KPCC showcase for aid this holiday season?

Mercer 12225

As part of KPCC's coverage leading up to and through the holidays, we will be featuring organizations that could use help this season in a series of short profiles online and on-air. We want to know about the organizations in your community that are making a difference—and could use a helping hand.

The series will include short radio and web profiles on nonprofits around the Southland (not just L.A. proper!), as well as a map of organizations in the area that could use volunteers, donations, or help of any sort.

Do you know of any good organizations that could use our listeners' or readers' support this holiday season? Let us know!

We read every response, and they all help contribute to KPCC's journalism. Responses are confidential. If you're willing to be public with your responses, though, look for the permission buttons below and click yes.