When it comes to gun control, what matters most to you?

Senate Judiciary Committee Hears From Prominent Voices On Both Sides Of Gun Control Debate

Several mass shootings have reignited the national debate on gun control. In January, President Obama outlined his plans for reducing gun violence in the United States, including restoring a ban on military-style assault weapons and beefing up the enforcement of existing gun laws. And the National Rifle Association has proposed adding armed guards to schools. 

KPCC journalists want to hold an honest and civil conversation on guns and the role they play in Southern Californians' communities and culture. Please help by telling us what matters most to you in debate on gun control—as well as those personal experiences that have shaped your opinions.

Whether you are a recreational hunter, feel unsafe in your neighborhood or have first-hand experience with gun violence, please tell us your story.

Responses to our questions are confidential, so nothing you share will be aired or published without your permission.