Do you suffer from an 'invisible' condition like migraines or rheumatoid arthritis?

Do you or a loved one suffer from an illness like migraines, rheumatoid arthritis or chronic fatigue syndrome? KPCC reporter José Martinez is working on a series of stories that look at "invisible" conditions and the difficulties faced by those who live with them.

Please scroll down to share your insights. Do you feel listened to? Are you able to convey your experiences and pain? Is there a support system around you?

We may include your insights in our upcoming stories or contact you to find out more. Your information will remain completely confidential unless you explicitly give us permission on the form to share your insights.

UPDATE: Join KPCC for a Crawford Family Forum discussion on Invisible Suffering.

The May 18 panel discussion will shed light on what makes a medical condition "invisible": What is unique about the suffering of someone who has R.A. or chronic migraine headaches? What challenges does that person face in communicating her or his condition to a health provider? And is this a matter of public health?

Bring your questions and your stories as we explore invisible suffering.

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