Are you re-thinking your organization's crisis plan?


But for geography, Japan's crisis could be ours here on the West Coast. A large earthquake, tsunami wave, fires, missing persons, destroyed infrastructure and nuclear plant malfunctions are all within the realm of possibility within our region.

And in the decade since terrorists crashed jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, government, nonprofit and business leaders have awaited, worried about and, to some extent, prepared for another attack. Recent attacks in Oslo, Norway, are another example of the need for a disaster or terrorism response plan.

But have they done enough? Have you?

How have these disparate sectors of the economy collaborated in ways that might save thousands of lives in an emergency?

KPCC wants to hear from leaders and others in government, business, nonprofits and community organizations about their preparedness for a man-made or natural disaster or the threat of one. Responses are confidential, but we're also looking for a few organizations to feature in our reporting.