Hey SoCal, what's your roommate story?

Los Angeles skyline

For many, living in Southern California wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for having a roommate (or roommates).

It’s hard enough living with someone you know, let alone with a complete stranger you found on Craigslist.

Do you have any stories — from terrific to terrible — about your roommate(s)? We want to hear them for an upcoming special on housing in Los Angeles. 

Here's one to start, sent by listener Monica Kozlowski:

"My old roommate was messy, loud, and self-entitled, but the worst was that she was an awful pet owner to her cat.

When she first brought the cat, she flew her from across the country and set her up in the apartment on a Thursday. A few hours later I see a post on her Facebook that she is heading to Las Vegas for the weekend! I had to text her to ask if she had someone to take care of her cat while she was gone. She had totally forgotten that her cat needed to be fed and cared for! 

She would often go on trips and often just leave more dry food out for her poor cat. She would only scoop the litter like every two-plus weeks, and sometimes the water bowl would be dry.

When she moved out all my friends and family told me to take the cat away from her. I didn't. She's now on a six-month solo trip around the world and has her current roommate watching her cat.

If you have one of your own to add, tell us all about it!