What's your experience with tech in classrooms?


Last year the Los Angeles Unified School District rolled out an ambitious $1 billion iPad program to provide iPads to over 600,000 students. As technical, security and financial problems emerged, some parents, teachers and school board members raised serious concerns. Would the costs of the program be justified by increases in classroom efficiency?

After controversy stemming from internal emails published by KPCC, LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy canceled the iPad/Pearson contract on Aug. 25. Deasy then resigned in October following problems with the iPad program as well as issues with a new student data system. Now the iPad program is the focus of an FBI investigation that came to light when boxes of documents pertaining to the purchase of the tablets were seized by federal agents on Dec. 1.

This brings us to the question: Is technology in classrooms a good idea? What's been your experience? Have iPads been an effective tool in your kids' learning? What apps or other devices have enriched their development?

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