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Police Conduct Major Prostitution Sting

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Bought and Sold: The new fight against teen sex trafficking

Advocates for kids are pushing for a new approach to combating underage prostitution: treating young people caught up in sex trafficking as victims, not delinquents.

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Anthropologist follows trail of century-old hobo graffiti in LA

Hobo Graffiti

Under an old bridge spanning the Los Angeles River, Susan Phillips has discovered a treasure trove of a peculiar, almost extinct form of American hieroglyphics known as hobo graffiti.

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Hidden heart disease is the top health threat for U.S. women

Tracy Solomon Clark didn't realize that the shortness of breath and dizziness she felt at age 44 was actually serious heart disease.

Many women and even doctors underestimate a woman's heart attack risk, research shows, as they focus on weight and breast health instead. Tiny damaged arteries in the heart may not show up in scans.

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Hidden, abandoned, dangerous: Old gas and oil wells in neighborhoods

A contractor prepares to cut off the top of a coal bed methane well near Gillette, Wyo., in 2015. It's one of thousands of abandoned, plugged wells sprinkled throughout Wyoming and Colorado.

Around the country, houses, schools and shopping centers are being built on old oil and gas fields — and hidden underground are millions of abandoned wells that are not monitored for leaks.

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WWII veteran who fought to expose secret mustard gas experiments, dies

World War II veteran Charles Cavell — a test subject in the military's secret mustard gas experiments — at his home in Virginia.

Charles Cavell spent decades fighting for VA compensation, even after he and others — who had been sworn to secrecy by the U.S. military — helped bring the testing program to light. He was 89.

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Charters are bleeding students from traditional public schools

In Los Angeles, enrollment in charter schools has shot up, draining more than $500 million from the budget of traditional public schools in a single academic year.