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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton debate Thursday night.

Timothy Clary/AFP/Getty Images

Democratic debate: 4 things to watch tonight

The debate airs on PBS, two days after Bernie Sanders walloped Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary.

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Love giant insects? Meet the tree lobster

Green when young, and about the size of an adult human's hand when full-grown, Dryococelus australis is more commonly known as the Lord Howe Island stick insect, or the tree lobster.

The 8-inch insect nearly went extinct when hungry rats overran its island. But Melbourne scientists found a few in 2001— now the San Diego Zoo is hatching them, too.

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LAUSD's charter schools conflict escalates

LAUSD Board - Steve Zimmer

United Teachers Los Angeles could use millions of dollars from a new member-dues increase to challenge pro-charter school school board members.

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Obamajam: See the areas to avoid during the president's visit here

president obama los angeles US-POLITICS-OBAMA-ARRIVAL

The president is scheduled to attend fundraisers in Silicon Valley Thursday before flying to Los Angeles, where he'll also attend Democratic fundraisers and tape an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

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Sorry, sushi burrito: Japanese program certifies authentic cuisine

Sushi burritos from Washington, D.C., restaurant Buredo. These are delicious, but there's no way they'll earn certification as authentic Japanese cuisine under a new program from the government of Japan.

In a world of California rolls and Big Mac sushi, Japan is launching a new program to certify the 89,000 Japanese restaurants outside the country that uphold traditional washoku cuisine values.