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Girl Scouts Kicks Off National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend At Grand Central Terminal

Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Girl Scouts of

Girl Scouts look for a way out of the woods

More than 100 years old, the organization offers young American girls the chance to succeed. So why is it struggling?

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68,000 gallons of raw sewage spill in Moorpark

Ventura County officials say about 68,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled in Moorpark over the weekend and the mess went unreported for several days.

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Scientists fight for superbug research as US pauses funding

A rogues gallery of the viruses (left to right) that cause MERS, SARS, and influenza.

Frustrated scientists argued Wednesday that making nasty viruses even worse in the lab provides crucial insight into preventing pandemics. Others say it just ups the risk a lab germ will start one.

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PTSD argued in case of Marine jailed in Mexico

Marine Arrested Mexico

The lawyer of retired Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is arguing he needs to be released to get treatment for his combat-related post-traumatic stress, which Mexican authorities don't treat.

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Maven's Morning Coffee: Profile of LA's registrar-recorder

Dean Logan, Registrar-Recorder, Los Angeles County

Today is Thursday, Oct. 23 and headlines include a profile of Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan, the money race for state propositions, and free concert tickets at City Hall.

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California prisons agree to end race policy

Supreme Court To Rule On California's Overcrowded Prisons

Officers have frequently locked inmates in their cells based on which races were involved in the riot, even if individual inmates of that race were not directly implicated.

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Ebola hotline call center established in California

New Telephone

The California Department of Public Health announced Wednesday that it has set up an Ebola hotline call center to respond to injuries related to Ebola.

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Will LAX follow SFO to lift a ban on ridesharing services?

lax airport

UberX and Lyft ridesharing companies are setting their sights on lifting restrictions at LAX, emboldened by a new agreement with San Francisco International Airport.

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A photographer who uses his van as a rolling camera

Still cameras are getting smaller and more digital. At the same time, Ian Ruhter sees his artwork moving in the opposite direction.