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Omar Wiseman/Courtesy of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers

L.A. high schooler wins major art scholarship

A senior at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts has won a $10,000 scholarship from the Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards, a prestigious national competition.

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Sure, use a treadmill desk — but you still need to exercise

NPR senior Washington editor Beth Donovan walks on a treadmill desk in her office in Washington, D.C.

Treadmill desks were the hot new trend in exercising a few years ago. The idea was to get moving and lose weight at work. But a new study suggests people don't use them enough to make a difference.

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How many crimes do your police 'clear'? Now you can find out

crime clearance rates

Police say a crime is "cleared" when they make an arrest or identify a suspect. Clearance rates vary widely by city, but you can use NPR's tool to look up how the police are faring where you live.

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Metro crash: Driver identified as USC film student

Metro crash

In a statement shared with KPCC, the university identified a person involved in a crash with a Metro train on Saturday as Jacob Fadley, a student at USC's School of Cinematic Arts.

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Germanwings plane crash: Co-pilot treated for suicidal tendencies, prosecutors say


Duesseldorf prosecutors say that Andreas Lubitz received psychotherapy "with a note about suicidal tendencies" for several years before becoming a pilot.

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Cheez Whiz helped spread processed foods. will it be squeezed out?

A Cheez Whiz ad from 1952.

Turns out, the history of Kraft's dull-orange cheese spread says a lot about the processed food industry — and where it might be headed as Kraft and Heinz merge.

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As smoking declines, so do revenues to fund preschool

EDUCATION CHILDREN SCHOOL preschool kindergarten

Users are giving up smoking, so the search is underway to find another source of revenue to fund preschools that operate with tobacco tax revenues.