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A man using a mobile phone walks past an AT&T store, in June. The New York Times and ProPublica report that the telecom giant helped the NSA spy for decades.

Mark Lennihan/AP

AT&T buying Time Warner for $85.4 billion

The massive deal would shake up the media landscape, combining a telecom giant with an an entertainment company that owns HBO and CNN.

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Why Ugandans are offended by music video made by U.S. missionaries

Dressed in Uganda-style garb, these women are featured in the video made by Luket Ministries, an Oklahoma-based missionary group that works in Eastern Uganda.

Two Ugandan writers weigh in on a video by Luket Ministries that features white women depicting the Ugandan way of life.

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For many schools the recession never ended

Schools across the country are functioning on far less now than they did in 2008.

A new study of Census and state budget data finds a majority of states spend less on their schools now than they did in 2008.

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Parents are sweating and hustling to pay for child care

Parents struggle with the costs and choices with child care.

Kids may be little but the cost of paying for someone to take care of them is big. Parents pinch pennies, drive for Uber and put off saving or having more kids .

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Wooing Latino voters on the border in the year of Trump

Republican field organizer Sergio Arellano and a volunteer canvass in Nogales, Ariz.

How do Republicans appeal to Latino voters in a year when their presidential nominee has campaigned for a wall with Mexico and mass deportation?

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New app aims to help LA firefighters predict fires' spread

Casitas Fire

They've been using a new tablet-based app called WiFire which provides information that can roughly predict how fast and where a potentially dangerous wildfire could spread.

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Ex-California lawmaker Ron Calderon gets prison in bribe case

Ron Calderon

Calderon was sentenced Friday to 3½ years in prison in a corruption scandal in which he acknowledged taking bribes in exchange for his influence in Sacramento.