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Police seize more than 100 marijuana plants at Chino house

More than 100 marijuana plants were seized by Chino Police Department's Special Enforcement Team earlier this week.

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Long-lost wreck off San Francisco recalls anti-Chinese history

The steamship "City of Chester" in a photograph from the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park.

The City of Chester, which went down in 1888 after colliding with a liner, has been found. At the time, false reports that the other ship's Chinese crew failed to assist stoked racial hatred.

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After Bangladesh factory disaster, efforts show mixed progress

Garment workers and relatives of Rana Plaza victims stage a demonstration on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dec. 24.

One year ago, a factory building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing more than 1,100 workers. Top retailers have begun inspecting factories more aggressively, but other steps have fallen short.

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California Drought News: North vs. South

Mars Curiosity

The drought — or wizentimer as we're calling it this week — is still having effects up and down the state. In one case, some want water to go down to up.

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FDA moves to regulate increasingly popular e-cigarettes

A woman tries electronic cigarettes at a store in Miami.

If the agency has its way, it will ban sales to minors and keep e-cigarettes out of vending machines. People also would be warned that the nicotine vapor the devices emit is addictive.

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Reward now $7,500 in mutilation of pelican (updated)

The International Bird Rescue says it appears a knife or similar sharp instrument was used to cut the bird's pouch, which it uses to scoop up fish.