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High Speed Rail Anaheim

California High Speed Rail Authority

High-speed rail back on track thanks to appeals court

A state appellate court has handed a big win to California's high-speed rail project, overturning two lower court rulings that stalled funding for the $68 billion train.

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How will the DWP handle liability following the UCLA flood?


The DWP is encouraging anyone whose property was damaged in Tuesday's flood to file a claim. But getting reimbursed by the utility isn't always that easy.

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LA water main breaks: Is drought a factor?


A study conducted in 2009 when drought conditions limited watering lawns to two days a week found water pressure would build and cause jolts to the system.

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Feds stage massive raid on El Monte Flores gang

El Monte

According to the US Attorney's Office, El Monte Flores is an older gang in the region, with an estimated 800 members and a history of targeting African Americans.