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Company fined $25 million for work-at-home scheme

A federal judge has fined a California company $25 million for misleading 110,000 people to buy into a work-at-home scheme that almost never paid off.

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Magic Johnson ready to assist tech in diversity

Magic Johnson Holds News Conference On Student Scholarships in Indiana

Now, as an entrepreneur focused on minority markets, Johnson says he is ready to help Silicon Valley hire more blacks and Latinos to diversify the tech industry.

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California crafits its drought survival strategy

The San Luis Reservoir in central California is the largest "off-channel" reservoir in the U.S. It is currently at less than 30 percent of its normal capacity.

The dearth of water in this state is showing no signs of easing. Officials have introduced plans to revamp the water rationing and distribution systems until the rains come. If they ever come.

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Los Angeles County moves toward voting system overhaul

LA County Primary Election Polls

L.A. County supervisors voted Tuesday to approve a $15 million contract with Palo Alto consultant Ideo for the design of a more modern way to record votes.

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Aerial drones could demystify a malaria surge

Researchers download images after a drone flight in Sabah, Malaysia.

How is a rare strain of malaria spreading near cities in Southeast Asia? A question that's been puzzling scientists. And they're using drones to find the answer.

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LAPD chief fires detective over slur-filled training lecture

Los Angeles Police Foundation's 10th Annual Fundraising Gala

The chief fired Frank Lyga on Tuesday and it became official on Wednesday when the paperwork was sent to the city's Police Commission.

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More cities are making handing out food to homeless illegal

The homeless and others in need enjoy lunch at the Los Angeles Mission on Nov. 23, 2011, in celebration of Thanksgiving. Legislation to ban organizations from serving food to homeless people in public places has been proposed in Los Angeles.

Many people try to help the homeless in their communities by offering them food. But cities are increasingly passing measures to restrict these efforts.

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Are you scared of clowns just to be cool?

"It just seems fashionable, right now," says Guilford Adams, aka Gilly the Clown. But there's a science behind the scare and some groups of people are more scared than others.