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Courtesy of Circus Vargas

Circus Vargas keeps big-top tradition alive as Ringling Bros. shuts down


Circus Vargas' 2017 show "Steam Cirque" opens this week in Del Mar. The show will travel to more than a dozen cities in Southern California between January and this summer, landing in Los Angeles in mid-May.

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Aliso Canyon gas field could reopen after public hearings

Aliso Canyon Storage Facility Aerial

A blowout at Aliso Canyon discovered in October 2015 drove 8,000 families from their homes and led to mass complaints of nosebleeds, nausea, headaches and other maladies.

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The last day at American Apparel: 'Lots of people were sad'

American Apparel building

The day American Apparel workers feared arrived this week, when about 2400 employees were told they were losing their jobs immediately.

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Laurel Canyon reopens, but drivers can still expect delays

California Storms

The disruption of a major artery between San Fernando Valley and L.A's westside isn't over yet. Any closure has a ripple effect, and there's more rain coming.

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President Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's prison sentence

Chelsea Manning had been sentenced to 35 years for leaking military secrets to WikiLeaks. Civil liberties groups have praised President Obama's decision to commute the sentence, but some Republican leaders are outraged.

President Obama has shortened the 35-year prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the Army private who leaked military secrets to WikiLeaks. Obama also pardoned a general who lied to leak investigators.

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Rep. John Lewis' spat with Trump reminds the nation of his civil rights legacy


One result of the dispute was that sales of Lewis’ graphic novel trilogy skyrocketed, shooting all the way up to the very top spot on Amazon’s best sellers list.

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High prices for orphan drugs strain families and insurers

KHN Video: Warrior Luke

Three decades ago, Congress set up a system to encourage drug companies to develop treatments for rare diseases. The law has worked, but at a high cost.

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UC's Napolitano in hospital for cancer

University of California Sexual Harassment

The UC Office of the President said Napolitano, 59, was diagnosed last August but did not say what type of cancer she has or respond to inquiries seeking further details.

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As a new administration moves in, will our policing debate get uglier?

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the Baltimore Police Department's commitmen to a sweeping overhaul of its practices under a court-enforceable agreement with the federal government.

Scathing federal reports on police abuses, new polls showing cops are divided on matters of race, and a controversial Justice Department nominee all raise the specter of more national rancor.

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US abortion rate falls to lowest level since Roe v Wade

In the wake of the Trump election and in anticipation of a rollback of Obamacare, young women have taken to social media to urge each other to get long acting contraceptives while they still can for free.

A report by the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that backs legalized abortion, puts the 2014 rate at 14.6 abortions per 1,000 women of childbearing age — the lowest recorded rate since 1973.