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Diego Rivera

A Estrada / Mexico / Courtesy MoLAA

$10 million in stolen Los Angeles art recovered

Authorities have recovered $10 million worth of art — including paintings by Chagall and Diego Rivera — that were stolen in one of Los Angeles' largest art heists.

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Sony hack: Google speaks out against MPAA efforts revealed in hack

U.S. intelligence officials believe North Korea was centrally involved in the recent attack on Sony Pictures' computer network — possibly out of retribution for its film The Interview. Above, a security guard stands outside a theater during the film's pre

Google spoke out Thursday against efforts the MPAA was reportedly involved in trying to push an approach to combating piracy — and, as part of that, attacking Google.

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How holiday carols can be good for your kids

Christmas songs may drive you mad, but they can help young kids develop their reading and language skills. We've got a list of upcoming sing-alongs for the holidays.

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Rabbi Harold Schulweis dies in Los Angeles at 89

Tribute To Bulgaria During Holocaust Rememberance Week

Among his accomplishments, Schulweis was an innovator who addressed poverty in the U.S., worked to raise awareness of genocide in Africa and welcomed gay and lesbian Jews into the synagogue.

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Alleged DUI driver slams into churchgoers in Redondo Beach, killing 3

alleged DUI driver slams into churchgoers, killing 3

A suspected drunk driver slammed into a group of more than a dozen people leaving a Christmas pageant in Redondo Beach on Wednesday.

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Arctic is warming twice as fast as anyplace else on Earth

A lone polar bear poses on a block of arctic sea ice in Russia's Franz Josef Land.

Polar bears continue to take a hit in regions with the greatest loss of snow and ice, the latest report card on the Arctic shows. Meanwhile, plankton are thriving as the sea heats up.