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A polar bear walks in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.The Obama administration is proposing new protections in the region that would ban mining and drilling.

Subhankar Banerjee/AP

Obama proposes new protections for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The president recommends more than 12 million acres of the region receive the highest level of protection available for public lands.

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'Birdman' wins Producers Guild's top trophy


"Birdman" received a welcome lift on its flight to the Oscars after winning the Producers Guild of America's highest film award Saturday night at a ceremony in Los Angeles.

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Monks scramble to preserve Iraq's Christian history

Father Najeeb Michaeel shows off one of the many Christian manuscripts he saved from Iraq's Christian libraries.

Fleeing ISIS, an order of Dominican monks had to leave much behind. But when Father Najeeb Michaeel helped the Christian community escape, he took one thing with him: a collection of manuscripts.

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Rosetta space probe hints at 'key to life' on comet's core

Rosetta comet landing

While much attention has been on the fate of the small lander that successfully touched down on comet 67P in November but soon fell silent, scientists say the bulk of their data will be collected by the Rosetta space probe.