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Bryan Stow interview

Screenshot from ESPN interview

Beaten Giants fan shows progress in ESPN interview


Bryan Stow spoke to ESPN from his parents' home in the Northern California city of Capitola, making faces for the camera, joking about the Giants margin of victory, and saying he was happy to be alive.

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More cities are making handing out food to homeless illegal

The homeless and others in need enjoy lunch at the Los Angeles Mission on Nov. 23, 2011, in celebration of Thanksgiving. Legislation to ban organizations from serving food to homeless people in public places has been proposed in Los Angeles.

Many people try to help the homeless in their communities by offering them food. But cities are increasingly passing measures to restrict these efforts.

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Halloween-Thanksgiving-Hanukkah-Christmas buying begins

Candice Nelson fits her daughter Arya Kubesh with a Halloween hat at a store at Galleria Mall in Edina, Minn. Retailers are hoping Halloween will give them a good bounce into the peak spending time of the year.

Most retailers are feeling optimistic as analysts forecast rising sales for the holidays. They hope Halloween will give them a good bounce into the shopping season.

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Transgender, gay inmates sue over jail rights in San Bernardino

Plaintiffs say the jail keeps gay, bisexual and transgendered inmates apart from the general population, where they have little access to programs that can help them earn shorter sentences.

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Big rig crash injures 7, jams traffic in East LA

big rig crash, molasses

At least seven people were hurt, one critically, when a big rig carrying molasses crashed Wednesday morning in an accident at the East L.A. interchange.

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Are you scared of clowns just to be cool?

"It just seems fashionable, right now," says Guilford Adams, aka Gilly the Clown. But there's a science behind the scare and some groups of people are more scared than others.

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Increased cosmic radiation could hamper manned Mars missions

true color mars

A new study found that the sun has been weaker than usual lately, allowing more harmful cosmic radiation to penetrate our solar system's protective bubble.