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Public Transportation Gains Popularity Amid High Gas Prices

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Metro plan to bring Wi-Fi to subway could attract new riders

A new study shows more Chicagoans may be choosing to ride transit so they can use their smartphones. Could Wi-Fi on LA's subways convince more Angelenos to ride?

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California saw record number of severe West Nile cases in 2014


Less than one percent of people infected with West Nile develop a neurologic illness. In 2014, California reported 561 cases of neuroinvasive disease, the CDC says.

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Presidential candidates take sides on support for Kentucky clerk

At an event in New Hampshire Thursday, Bush said there "ought to be common ground" between Kim Davis being able to "act on her conscience" and for gay couples to be allowed to be married.

Kim Davis is in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses after same-sex marriage became legal. Some candidates say she should uphold the law, while others are standing with her.

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How foreign dollars are changing El Monte

As more Chinese investors look to build in the city, El Monte's leaders are cracking down on illegal dumping. They also fought to keep a county probation center out.

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Air quality officials tighten regulations on oil fields near SoCal homes

AllenCo Town Hall Meeting - 4

The new regulations come in response to growing concerns about the possible health effects of noxious fumes wafting into neighborhoods from oil and gas facilities.

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Applebee's moving from Kansas City to California


The company that owns Applebee's and IHOP said the move to Glendale is aimed at spurring brand growth and developing traditional and non-traditional locations.

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Charities, large and small, give migrants critical aid


Here's a non-exhaustive list of organizations, some well known, others grassroots, at work in various countries behind the scenes or on the ground.

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Near LA's Koreatown, pastor tries to lift veil on drug abuse

Korean Pastor Drug Rehab

Among all Asian groups, Koreans have some of the highest rates of illicit drug use. Pastor Young Ho Han is trying to lift the veil on the problem.