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Thousands of teachers rallied in New York City's Foley Square last October to demand that Mayor Bill de Blasio take action on charter school growth.

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Just what is a charter school, anyway?

The Trump administration has indicated that charter schools are a major part of its education agenda. Many Americans, though, aren't sure how they work.

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Just how much pee is in that pool?

The average backyard swimming pool could have about two gallons of urine in it.

Scientists have now identified an easy way to measure pool urine—by looking for traces of a common artificial sweetener. Urine in pools mixed with chemicals can pose a potential health threat.

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UC releases details on 113 employee sexual misconduct cases

University of California Sexual Harassment

The 113 cases occurred over a recent three-year period and include allegations that range from inappropriate conduct to sexual assault — 35 percent were from student complaints.

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Seeming presidential at last, Trump tries to balance political elements

President Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of the Congress as Vice President Pence and Speaker Ryan applaud on Tuesday.

The success of the big speech strategy seemed immediately apparent. Media coverage was largely positive, even laudatory. Snap polls showed big majorities found the speech optimistic and uplifting.

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Schools in affluent areas call Brown's budget inadequate


Leaders in six school districts, including South Pasadena and Manhattan Beach, say Brown's plan won't make up for extra money they have to pay for employee pensions.

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Lawyers get ready for Trump's revised travel ban

Protestors Rally Against Muslim Immigration Ban At LAX

Legal advocates are preparing to set up shop at LAX in anticipation of a new, revised executive order affecting travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.

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Measure S campaign says mailers protected by free speech


The Yes on Measure S campaign sent LA residents mailers last week that were designed to look like eviction notices from the sheriff's department. The county says the mailers are deceptive, but Measure S organizers say they stand by the mailers.

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Bang zoom! SpaceX taking private passengers to the moon


The company said it received a “significant deposit” from two people keen to do a moon mission—but there are a few additional hurdles to clear first.