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Oakland Residents Receive Free Flu Shots At Local Church

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Many Americans believe they don't need flu vaccine


An NPR poll finds nearly two-thirds of adults got this year's flu vaccine or plan to get it. Many of those who are skipping vaccination cite a lack of need and worries about side effects.

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Inside each flu shot, months of virus tracking and predictions

flu virus

Scientists worldwide face a yearly challenge in deciding what goes into the annual flu vaccine to make it effective. The job requires keeping tabs on a massive group of speedy, shape-shifting viruses.

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Someday a helicopter drone may fly over Mars and help a rover

An illustration shows what a helicopter drone would look like on the surface of Mars.

NASA is building a 2-pound helicopter drone that would help guide the vehicle on the Red Planet's surface. That way, the rover wouldn't need to wander as much to find its way around.

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Grants for quake-retrofits available to more homes around LA

Earthquake House Retrofit

State funds will help 1,000 homeowners pay for a critical quake retrofit. It's an expansion of a program aimed at shoring up certain types of single family homes.

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Kitchen disasters: Top chefs recall dinner gone wrong

The next time a cooking disaster strikes, remember: It happens to the best of us.

Burned the turkey? You're in good company. Even accomplished chefs have suffered unsalvageable meal messes. Ruth Reichl, Jaques Pepin and Pati Jinich share their stories.

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Teen killed by Chicago officer had broken, troubled family

Killings By Police Chicago Teenager

In a speech Tuesday in South Carolina, Trump said, "Poor guy, you oughta see this guy," and gestured in a jerky fashion as if imitating the New York Times reporter's movements.

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Russia to cooperate with US-led coalition, Putin says

Turkey Hosts The G20 World Leader's Summit

Putin said after talks with French President Francois Hollande that Russia is open to closer cooperation with both France and the U.S.-led coalition on selecting IS targets.

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Nonprofits say cellphones key to helping Syrian refugees

East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Smartphones are a lifeline for Syrian refugees and immigrants settling in Southern California. Nonprofits preparing for their arrival are seeking donations.