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Black Friday

Ben Bergman/KPCC

Why do shoppers camp out for Black Friday?

"It's not quite as insane as it looks" a consumer psychologist said. For Black Friday campers, the line is part of the thrill of the hunt.

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A warning for Latin America's faltering economies

A woman waits for customers at a street market where she sells shoes in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazil and other Latin American economies have prospered by selling commodities and low-tech goods. But now many economies are struggling, and some point to the region's lack of high-tech and other cutting edge industries.

Latin economies thrived when prices for raw commodities soared. But with those prices down sharply, the region is hurting due to a lack of high-tech.

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Those phone-obsessed teenagers aren't as lonely as you think


Teenagers may not need as much face-to-face interaction as earlier generations to feel connected. This may explain why a study finds they're not feeling as lonely.

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Amid violence, Iraq fractures again along religious lines

An Iraqi child, whose family fled from Islamic State violence in the northern city of Mosul, stands outside a tent that serves as a school in the southern city of Najaf on Sunday. Some 2 million Iraqis have been driven from their homes by fighting this year.

Nearly a decade ago, Iraq's war drove millions from their homes and divided the country along sectarian lines. It's happening again in response to the latest brutality by the Islamic State.

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The pros and cons of studying for finals to music

As students dive into their books to study for finals, it's time to ask: will classical music in the background help you ace that test?