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solar panels on North Hollywood apartment complex - feed-in tariff program

Solar Provider Group/LABC

Short staffing at LADWP blamed for slow solar rollout


Preliminary study results say a backlog of approvals has built up at the LADWP. Agency officials say they're already addressing some of the issues.

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NFL in LA: How labor and stadium developers struck a deal

Rusty Hicks

Labor got a guarantee that nearly all jobs will be union once the stadium is up running – including janitors, trash collectors, and parking attendants.

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Germanwings plane crash: Co-pilot may have hidden an illness

Germany France Plane Crash

The evidence came from searches of Lubitz's homes as authorities sought an explanation of why he locked himself into the cockpit and crashed the Airbus A320 into the French Alps.

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Bicyclists speak out about Griffith Park road opening to all cars

Human Head Found

The Griffith Park Advisory Board is reviewing reopening Mount Hollywood Drive, an area frequented by cyclists and hikers, and adding 300 parking spaces to offset the flow of Griffith Park visitors to the Hollywood sign.

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San Francisco deputies forced inmates to fight, official says

Downtown San Francisco

Public Defender Jeff Adachi tells The San Francisco Chronicle that at least four deputies over the last few weeks threatened inmates at County Jail No. 4 with violence or refused them food if they didn't fight.

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As smoking declines, so do revenues to fund preschool

EDUCATION CHILDREN SCHOOL preschool kindergarten

Users are giving up smoking, so the search is underway to find another source of revenue to fund preschools that operate with tobacco tax revenues.