Hundreds Gather Outside Kodak Theater During Debate

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While Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton debated inside the Kodak Theater, hundreds gathered outside to support, solicit, protest and perform for the dozens of television cameras assembled. KPCC's Frank Stoltze took his microphone along to pick up the action.

Frank Stoltze: We're standing here at the corner of Hollywood and Highland. Hey, what are you guys doing out here?

Woman: (laughs) Out here supporting Hillary! (laughs)
Stoltze: Why do you support Hillary Clinton?
Woman 2: You know, it's time we had a woman. The men have been screwing it up for 200 years.

Woman 3: We're supporting Barack Obama.
Woman 4: No, we're supporting Hillary Clinton.
Woman 3: Barack Obama.
Woman 4: Hillary Clinton.
Woman 3: Obama! Because Hillary Clinton, her husband served in office already.
Stoltze: You've got enough of Bill?
Woman 3: Yeah, it's his time to go, peace!
Stoltze: OK, it's your turn. Why Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama?
Woman 4: Because I feel that it's time that the United States had its first female president, you know.

T-shirt vendor: David and David presenting Progress with Obama '08!
Stoltze: You selling any t-shirts?
T-shirt vendor: Been here since one, sold plenty. We just started. We made all these shirts in our house about ten hours ago.

Stoltze: OK, let's see here, what do we got? We got some pretzels?
Pretzel vendor: Yeah.
Stoltze: What kind of pretzels you got?
Pretzel vendor: Cinnamon, plain, and salt.
Stoltze: OK, now I can't help but also notice you've got "Hillary for President." (small group cheers) Why would an Obama supporter want to buy a pretzel from a cart that's plastered with Hillary signs?
Pretzel vendor: Maybe 'cause they are hungry and they need to eat, you know! (laughs)

T-shirt vendor: Our t-shirt says "No Drama, Vote For Obama. Obama '08, the People's Choice."

Stoltze: Who are you on the phone with?
Man: I'm on the phone with my mom. She lives in Houston, Texas. She loves Hillary.
Stoltze: And so do you.
Man: I love Hillary. And I'm sick of them asking her about her husband!

Stoltze: And what's your name?
Tony B. Conscious: Tony B. Conscious!
Stoltze: Tony B. Conscious what?
Conscious: That's my name! Tony, B-period, Conscious!

Man 2: Almost 4,000 babies die every day through abortion! We're from a Christian church.
Stoltze: Is that your son with the Huckabee sign?
Man 2: That's my son with the Huckabee sign. Huckabee believes in saying the babies.

Man 3: Bring the troops home now! Bring the troops home now!
Stoltze: You're just back from Iraq?
Man 3: Yes. A little over two weeks. Well, this was my second tour, so I've been there for a total of 25 months. And the first time I was there, I was an infantryman. This last tour, I was an interrogator.

This is what I enlisted in the beginning to protect. I mean, this is wonderful and I love being a part of it. I was never really politically active until my first tour in Iraq, and then I was, felt that I should take a stronger part in the direction that my country is going.