Authorities Target Notorious Compton Gang

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State and local law enforcement authorities have arrested two dozen members of one of Compton's most infamous gangs. KPCC's Frank Stoltze reports that Mob Piru gained national recognition along with gangster rap in the 1990s.

Frank Stoltze: The Mob Pirus have long been associated with former Death Row Records CEO Marion Suge Knight, who grew up in Compton. Members of the gang reportedly worked as his security guards. State Special Agent Brian Rose said the killing of an innocent bystander during a drive-by shooting last August prompted authorities to launch an intense investigation of the gang.

Brian Rose: I think this portion of the gang has been decimated. We have taken out some of the top individuals in this gang, and we're here to stay.

Stoltze: Authorities arrested 24 of the gang's estimated 200 members on charges ranging from murder to drug sales. State Attorney General Jerry Brown, who's fighting to preserve funding for his gang unit and wants to run for governor, said gang prevention programs can only go so far.

Jerry Brown: The idea of saying, "well, schools are the answer." These gang members, at an early age, are in school. That doesn't stop them. Some of these gang members that we see today have really good jobs. That still doesn't take them out.

Stoltze: Among the suspects agents arrested: a 28-year-old mail carrier who allegedly was planning to rob a local post office.