LAPD chief criticizes Obama administration marijuana raid decision

Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Bratton is criticizing President Obama’s decision to curb federal raids on marijuana clinics. KPCC’s Frank Stoltze has more.

Frank Stoltze: Under the Bush Administration, federal agents regularly raided pot stores in California. While the state permits the sale of marijuana for medical purposes, federal law prohibits it. President Obama’s new policy calls for targeting pot stores only when they violate state and federal laws.

Bill Bratton: I think that the policy of the federal government at this time is unfortunate. I think the policy in this state is Looney Tunes.

Stoltze: LAPD Chief Bill Bratton says he supports the medical use of marijuana. But he faults state legislators for failing to come up with adequate regulations on stores that sell pot.

Bratton: And as a result we have hundreds of these locations selling drugs to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Stoltze: Two years ago, the city of Los Angeles passed a moratorium on new marijuana dispensaries. Bratton said it’s time the City Council speed up the drafting of stricter regulations for pot stores.