Police union endorses Trutanich for city attorney

The union that represents Los Angeles police officers today announced its endorsement of Carmen Trutanich for City Attorney. KPCC’s Frank Stoltze reports that it’s important backing for any candidate running to serve as the city’s chief prosecutor.

Police union president Paul Weber said Trutanich has worked with LAPD officers as a former gang prosecutor and “knows what it takes to win criminal cases.” He also said L.A. needs a city attorney “who knows how to work well with others” – a veiled criticism of Trutanich’s opponent City Councilman Jack Weiss, who some officers have accused of being abrasive.

Trutanich has spent much of his legal career as an environmental attorney who represented companies accused of violating pollution laws. Weiss is a two-term city councilman and a former federal prosecutor. He also has important law enforcement backing – from the city’s popular police chief Bill Bratton. Weiss failed to win a majority of votes in the primary despite a nearly two-to-one fundraising advantage over Trutanich. The run-off is May 19th.