Summer sessions may be cancelled at LA community colleges

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Summer sessions at California community colleges are supposed to get underway in a couple of weeks. But city college administrators worry the state budget crisis will wipe out the summer session. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad reports.

Just as more newly unemployed people are flocking to community colleges, administrators are facing dramatic cuts. Dr. Jamillah Moore, the president of LA City College, says her staff is holding emergency meetings to talk about cutting upcoming summer sessions.

Dr. Jamillah Moore: "We are having those discussions with our constituency groups this week and next week, so we hope to have that decision before May is over because we have to."

Moore says the situation is grim. She just doesn’t know how grim it will be. She says not knowing this close to the summer session and the new fiscal year is like dealing with a moving target. News of how deep the cuts will go is to come sooner or later from state lawmakers and the governor.

California community colleges have added 150,000 more students this year without any more funding. More than 2.5 million people are enrolled.