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LA City Council moves to end bike license requirements


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The Los Angeles City Council today unanimously voted to end bicycle licensing in the city.

Councilman Tom LaBonge said a lot of cyclists don’t bother to obtain the $3 licenses, and they’re no longer a priority for police.

Tom LaBonge: "Police department was much more local and very, I don't want to say Andy and Mayberry, but wasn’t as sophisticated as now with CSI and all that stuff. They did things like that. Now our communities have gotten larger and diverse and the busy station houses, it’s difficult for somebody to come up after they're just talking to somebody about some hostile crime, 'Hey officer, I need a bike license.'"

LaBonge and other council members are also working on a “Bicyclists’ Bill of Rights” that would encourage the city of L.A. to build more bike lanes.