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Reagan Centennial Commission launches in time for 2011

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President Ronald Reagan’s current White House successor signed off on honors to mark what would have been his 100th birthday. More on the story from KPCC’s Cheryl Devall.

The Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission will mark the 100th anniversary of the 40th president’s birth. President 44, Barack Obama, signed the authorization at the White House with former first lady Nancy Reagan looking on. The commission’s charged with planning special events and commemorations that may include a postage stamp and a $1 coin.

Reagan rose from humble beginnings to become a Hollywood leading man. His affable manner and public speaking ability helped propel him into politics. In 1966, Reagan became California’s governor by a margin of a million votes. He served two terms in Sacramento, then beat Democrat Jimmy Carter for President in 1980.

Liberals excoriated his policies, while Republicans credit him with revitalizing their party and the conservative movement in this country. Reagan was 93 when he died five years ago from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.