Lakers Fans Show Up Early for Game 1 of NBA Championship

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Lakers mania is taking hold in the Southland. Game One of the NBA championship series against the Orlando Magic tips off soon. Some Lakers fans showed up early this afternoon at Staples Center to get ready.

Forty-year-old Oscar Diaz of South Los Angeles took the day off from work to take in the scene at L.A. Live, and he’s not even going to the game.

Oscar Diaz: "You don’t really need a ticket, you know that? It’s just the emotions. It’s going on in the city, it pretty much tells you everything, and you can feel it. I mean, you’ve been living here – I don’t know – too many years already, and you’re like – you feel like in the family, so you know what’s going on."

Diaz was at LA Live with his wife. She wouldn’t disclose her name because she didn’t want her boss to know why she didn’t show up to work today.

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