Brad Silberling talks 'Land of the Lost'

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Director Brad Silberling attends Universal Pictures and Subway restaurant's transformation of a local restaurant into 'Land of the Lost', Universal Pictures' new film on May 28, 2009 in Santa Monica, California.

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Brad Silberling used to watch Sid & Marty Krofft's “Land of the Lost” every Saturday morning. He loved the show about three human explorers trapped in a strange universe filled with dinosaurs, aliens, and hirsute humanoids called Pakuni.

Little did Silberling know that more than 30years later, he'd wind up directing a film version of “Land of the Lost” starring Will Ferrell. It comes out this weekend.

KPCC's Alex Cohen recently spent some time with director Brad Silberling as he put the final touches on his film. He talked about growing up in the San Fernando Valley and why he still loves Ventura Boulevard after all these years.

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