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Michael Jackson exhibited interest in rehab facility

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As the world awaits Michael Jackson’s autopsy results, speculation runs rampant that a prescription drug overdose may have caused his death.

Doctor Joseph Haraszti is a psychiatrist and former medical director of Las Encinas Psychiatric Hospital in Pasadena, where many celebrities go to begin recovery from drug addiction. Haraszti says Jackson expressed interest in becoming one of his patients a year ago January.

Joseph Haraszti: “Mr. Jackson was actually referred to me about a year ago for possible treatment. Now I did not speak with him directly, but a very well-known interventionist contacted me and said that Mr. Jackson had been in contact with him, and asked if I would be available to treat him. And of course I said yes. Unfortunately Mr. Jackson never came to my facility. “

Haraszti told KPCC’s "AirTalk" he knew Jackson was experiencing problems with painkillers including Demerol and Oxycontin.