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LA Democrat attacks Republicans over health care

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Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are debating the health care issue again.

America’s health care system has sparked bitter public policy debates in the last couple of decades. When former first lady Hillary Clinton led the reform movement, the airwaves were full of folksy TV ads that attacked her proposed changes. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are debating the issue again. Democratic LA Congressman Henry Waxman says he’s concerned that Republicans will employ scare tactics to confuse people about his party’s proposal.

Henry Waxman: "No one intends, in this legislation, to eliminate the choice between private and public insurance plans. We want them to be competitive. We want them to keep each other honest and help the consumer at the same time." 
Waxman told KPCC’s AirTalk that some Republicans maintain they can’t trust government to do anything.  Waxman heads the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee – it’ll debate the Democrats’ health care proposal later this month.