Governance problems at schools run by LA mayor

[PDF of UTLA document]
[PDF of UTLA document]

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L.A. Unified’s teachers union released an internal study today that outlines significant governance problems at the 10 campuses under the control of Los Angeles’ mayor.

The 10 low-performing schools voted a year and a half ago to secede from L.A. Unified after L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa promised that his non-profit Partnership for L.A. Schools would do a better job improving education than the school district.

The study summarizes what mediators with the Center for Dispute Resolution heard repeatedly from three dozen people they interviewed: that Partnership administrators haven’t fulfilled promises to deliver additional money, ensure campus autonomy, and conduct consistent oversight of day-to-day operations. The study recommends that Partnership leaders step up communication and cooperation with schools and employee unions. Mayor Villaraigosa’s education deputy said that’s already in the works.

Leaders of United Teachers Los Angeles said they’ve just released the month-old study because Mayor Villaraigosa painted a too-rosy picture of the schools at his inauguration last week.