Pierce College's Farm Center donates food to MEND

Pierce College's Farm Center in the West San Fernando Valley is partnering with the Pacoima non-profit MEND, or Meet Each Need with Dignity. Their goal is to distribute farm-fresh produce to families who can't afford to buy groceries.

This week’s donation is a ton of organic tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash. Farm center director Robert McBroom says the food would sell for $7,000 on the open market.

Robert McBroom: "We don't want to look at it as in a lost revenue. We look at it as in doing what we do in the farming, bringing a product to harvest, and that's our extra. That's what we can re-appropriate to another need."

The Farm Center's collaboration with MEND will help the San Fernando Valley’s largest anti-poverty agency feed more than 20,000 people a month.

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