Cal State chancellor says layoffs likely even with furloughs

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California State University’s chancellor said today he anticipates layoffs next year even if its largest union agrees to furloughs. KPCC’s Adolfo Guzman-Lopez has more.

Adolfo Guzman-Lopez: During a teleconference, Cal State chancellor Charles Reed said his plan for two furlough days a month would apply to almost all employees and would erase nearly half of Cal State’s $584 million deficit.

Charles Reed: Furloughs save jobs. Furloughs keep people's health insurance and retirement benefits in place.

Guzman-Lopez: Later he said that even if unions accept furloughs, he couldn’t guarantee jobs would be protected next year.

Reed: I would anticipate that come the spring, in anticipation of the fall of 2010-2011, that there would be workforce reduction.

Guzman-Lopez: Members of the union that represents more than 20,000 Cal State faculty members are voting this week on Reed’s plan. Union leaders want job protections if they accept the furloughs. A spokeswoman for the faculty union said Reed’s statement surprised her.

Cal State trustees are set to vote on the chancellor’s budget deficit plan next week.