Famed photographer Julius Shulman dies

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Jonathan Weedman

Jonathan Weedman writes about the photographs that he took of his friend Julius Shulman, just days before his passing. "He was very frail, but alert, happy, optimistic and talking about future projects. I'd brought him a box of cookies and he ate half of them while I was there! I remember him holding one up and saying, 'Elegance is simplicity!' It was the last time we were together."

Julius Shulman, one of the world's foremost architectural photographers, died. He was 98 years old. Jonathan Weedman, Regional Vice President of the Wells Fargo Foundation, had the pleasure of meeting Shulman 10 years ago. The two became close friends and shared a passion for photography. Weedman told KPCC's Alex Cohen what Shulman was like away from his camera.

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