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Mar Vista aims to use water wisely

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Homeowners in Mar Vista and Venice are hosting a “Wise Water Use” expo Tuesday at the Mar Vista Park Auditorium.

Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl says a group of environmentally active people in his district helped organize the event to demonstrate water conservation tools to Los Angeles.

Bill Rosendahl: "That was the whole concept of the empowerment congress, was to empower people to do the right thing. People will instinctually do the right thing if you give them paths and opportunities to do it. And this is an example frankly on Tuesday night where the community said we want to move forward with it. You know, it just moves the ball down the field a lot quicker."

Rosendahl says Los Angeles water officials have chosen the Mar Vista neighborhood to try out capturing rainfall runoff in barrels at houses. Tomorrow night’s event will feature that pilot project and other water-saving measures.