Water saving ordinance, a green building measure, passes in LA

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New buildings in Los Angeles will need water-saving fixtures and plumbing under an ordinance the city council unanimously approved Wednesday.
LA City Council president Eric Garcetti says the measure - part of the city’s green building program - could save the city an average of a billion gallons of water a year.

ERIC GARCETTI: It took us a couple of years to get labor and business on board so that people realize not only from the business side, is this the right thing to do for our environment, but it can save you money and on the labor side that this wouldn’t lead to a loss of jobs but it could potentially lead to job growth here in Los Angeles as some of these companies locate here and there’s new work for all of our pipefitters to do in retrofitting buildings.

The rules also apply to remodeling projects, and fixing broken or leaky equipment. Los Angeles is in a multi-year drought. About 85 percent of the city’s water comes from somewhere else.