California working to reduce contribution to global warming

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A state report out todayrecommends that California take decisive action to adapt to changing climate, higher sea levels, hotter temperatures and the possibility of more severe fire events. More on the story from KPCC’s Molly Peterson.

The report’s meant to help state agencies plan for public health needs, ecological interests, transportation and infrastructure demands, water, forests, and disaster response.

The state’s natural resources agency also aims to inform county and local authorities who are making regionally specific plans. In the next year, the resources agency says it will evaluate the whole state’s vulnerability to changes from a warmer climate.

California has set far-reaching commitments to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

This report is part of the state’s efforts to adapt to climate change.

Sea level in California is about 7 inches higher than it was a century ago, and the report cites scientists who believe it will rise even faster.

The state’s climate experts also expect longer droughts, and more severe, long lasting wildfires.