OC man charged with hacking video game consoles

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Federal agents arrested an Anaheim resident Monday on charges that he modified home video game consoles to play counterfeit games.

Pirated game discs for the Xbox, Wii, or Playstation game consoles can cost as little as 10 dollars. That’s fifty bucks cheaper than legit discs. But manufacturers program game consoles to reject counterfeit games. Federal prosecutor Mark Krause says that’s why a lot of people called on 27-year-old Matthew Krippen.

"So they would go to folks like Krippen, who would basically hack Xboxes and circumvent the technological measures that manufacturers had employed to try protect their interest in their intellectual property of their games."

Krause says Matthew Krippen advertised online and had a large clientele. Krippen pleaded not guilty in federal court. Krause says the Southland’s rife with these kinds of crimes because a lot of people here have the technical savvy to circumvent copyright protection programs.

The prosecutor also says this is a large market for counterfeit products.