Firefighters collect T-shirts from major wildfires

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As with rock concert tours and sporting events, big fires like the Station Fire have created a sideline t-shirt industry.

Vendor Mark Halverson is selling his wares near the command center at Hansen Dam. He says anyone can buy his shirts, but he has a particular kind of customer in mind.

Mark Halverson: "You don’t see us setting up outside of a Wal-Mart or a Costco. The vendors usually set up right outside of a fire camp. They don’t allow vending inside of a fire camp. But it’s usually within walking distance for the firefighters and everybody involved in the fire from water truck delivery guys to – I mean, it’s amazing; these guys really do collect these t-shirts."

Halverson’s company donates 10 percent of every fire T-shirt sale to the Petaluma volunteer fire department in Northern California.