Police Commission in Reseda tonight to discuss new LAPD chief

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The Los Angeles Police Commission continues its series of meetings Thursday to seek public comment on who should replace Bill Bratton as chief of the LAPD. Thursday's meeting is at the One Generation social services center in Reseda. KPCC’s Frank Stoltze has more.

Frank Stoltze: One focus of the meetings so far: should the new chief resemble the old one?

Carole White: I’m looking towards a chief that has a similar agenda and priorities as Chief Bratton.

Stoltze: Carole White spoke at a police commission meeting in South L.A. So did Debra Burton, who’s less enamored with Bratton’s record.

Debra Burton: For example, the May Day Melee where journalists and residents alike were shot with projectiles during a peaceful demonstration.

Stoltze: Burton said the next chief needs to be more culturally in tune with the city. Margo Harris said an LAPD insider would work best.

Margo Harris: And why? Because those who have lived here and been here understand this city more so than someone coming in.

Stoltze: The police commission’s promised to provide the mayor with a list of three finalists for chief by mid-November.

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