LA could cut 926 jobs in budget plan

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1857 full

Some 926 jobs could be cut and thousands of union employees could be required to take furloughs under a massive cost-cutting Los Angeles budget plan that the City Council agreed to unanimously this afternoon.

Furloughs and layoffs will begin Monday, Sept. 28 unless city officials and the unions can agree to an alternative plan by this Friday.

The issue has been referred to a formal bargaining committee that deals with the unions. If they're able to come up with an alternative plan involving early retirement, they will do that instead of going forward with layoffs and furloughs. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, however, has said he will veto any early retirement plan that will increase the budget.

The union leader and the city council president stated that they want to come to an agreement, but the city council president said that they're ready to go forward with layoffs and furloughs, and the union is threatening to go to the courts to stop layoffs if they have to.

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