Whitman may spend $150 million on governor's race

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Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman promised Tuesday she’d cut 40,000 state jobs if Californians elect her governor. Whitman made the statement as she formally announced she’s seeking the Republican nomination.

Frank Stoltze: During an event in Fullerton, in heavily Republican Orange County, former Governor Pete Wilson introduced Meg Whitman.

Pete Wilson: She understands that what is needed to make it happen is spine. And she’s got a steel one.

Stoltze: Whitman pledged to create jobs by reducing the government’s regulation of businesses, and to slash $15 billion in state spending.

Meg Whitman: We need a governor who will look at the books, decide on priorities, deal with the legislature, and take the heat for what we cut.

Stoltze: Whitman would become the first woman governor of California. Brea resident Jessica Taylor, 36, is among her supporters.

Jessica Taylor: I do like that she’s a woman, however that’s not the main reason, but I enjoy that its a refreshing outlook.
Stoltze: Are there particular issues that drew you to her?
Taylor: Lowering high taxes. It’s a drain on our family. We’re getting by, but we’re just getting by.

Stoltze: Whitman’s campaign plans to target women, voters under 30, and Latinos. The 53-year-old billionaire says she may spend a record $150 million trying to get elected – with “as much as it takes” coming from her own pocket.

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