Public weighs in on Crenshaw Corridor transit options

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The Metro Gold Line Extension is set to open soon. The Expo Line is under construction. But LA County Metro has also spent the last two years studying options for a new transit system along Crenshaw Boulevard. Now, the agency’s seeking input from the public. KPCC’s Brian Watt stopped by a hearing last night.

Brian Watt: At the West Angeles Church complex on Crenshaw Boulevard, Metro staff spent the first 45 minutes answering questions in front of maps, charts, and photos. Then, about 50 people listened to a slide presentation from Project Manager Roderick Diaz:

Roderick Diaz: We have what’s called a bus rapid transit alternative and a light rail transit alternative.

Watt: The light rail alternative would move people faster and would create twice as many jobs as new rapid bus routes. But it would cost twice as much as to build. Most people in attendance preferred light rail. Karen Ceasar of Leimert Park offered one condition.

Karen Ceasar: I don’t’ care what they do as long as it’s underground. It can’t inconvenience the people, the elderly who try to cross, the children, trying to hear when you’re trying to teach. It can’t happen.

Watt: The new Crenshaw Corridor line could potentially connect the Metro Green Line and LA International Airport in the South to the Expo Line and possibly Wilshire Boulevard in the North.

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